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  1. In this thread: a handful of people repeatedly crying about being oppressed for not liking a camera. Not in this thread: BM fanboys giving critics a hard time.
  2. I didn't like the narration to 'The Color of Light' but I thought it looked great. You didn't like it? There's some nice stuff out already from the camera. Can't wait until everyone has theirs.
  3. Oh really am I beeeeiiing sarcaaaaastic?
  4. Oh really? The camera that doesn't fit in your pocket isn't really a pocket camera? Hot take.
  5. I thought lots of gimbals had focus wheels. What's the difference?
  6. Can anyone fill me in on the back story to the admin's issue with blackmagic? I can feel the venom through the screen.
  7. Spoke to videopro in Australia, they're getting them 1-2 at a time at the start and should clear back orders by the end of the month.
  8. You lose a bit of range too? .64 Speedbooster gives you 23mm-45mm instead of 25-50mm.
  9. How far in do you have to go to have no vignette on the 18-35? I've been doing more reading and am pretty set on getting the same setup you're describing. I've read most people like the .64 Speedbooster more because you can just stop down or zoom in to get past the vignetting, and that it otherwise makes it faster and slightly wider. Do you recommend the setup and is that basically why? Can you tell me more about the issues in bright conditions? I'm thinking of getting it.
  10. I was thinking about getting the 12-100 as my first lens along with the P4k. What is the net effect of this distortion? Worse image quality?
  11. So it's double the cost of the Oly 12-40 because it's 1.7 instead of 2.8?
  12. Will the IS for the Olympus 12-100 lens work with the P4K or do you need an Olympus body?
  13. I contacted my retailer (Sydney, Aus) yesterday and they said they still had no firm data on a shipping date. Also, question from a noob, why do so many Pocket 4K owners here use/want the speedbooster? This will be my first camera and I was just planning on buying a native lens. Do people use the speedbooster because it's better, or just because they already have lenses that require it?
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