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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K


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45 minutes ago, Turboguard said:

Haven't seen much in the released footage. Seems to be almost minimal.


What do you guys think about mounting a smartphone clamp to a cage to hold the samsung T5? I'd only use the setup while shooting RAW 4K DCI obviously. Then SD cards for ProRes. Been looking at 8sin's Scorpio half cage.

Should work, but I'm sure they will release something more specific once cages come out for this camera. 

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2x crop of the sensor, which is already 2x crop of full frame (give or take) so 120fps is 4x crop compared to ff.

And yeah, epoxy a little shoe into one side of the drive. A dedicated, pre-made mount by any company will cost more than it needs to that's for sure. I think the shoe mount idea will look a little slicker too, and be just as secure.

You could even mount it to the bottom of the cam for handheld shots.

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16 minutes ago, Anaconda_ said:

So don't bring it up.

Weird how in that sample pic, the USB is going the wrong way to the port. I'd definitely make it go the shortest route and tie up any slack.

Don't worry, I take full responsibility for getting us back on track ?


I do quite like that cage. Perhaps there is a channel for the cable to be kept out of the way rather than twist tied on the left. 

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54 minutes ago, mechanicalEYE said:

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.38.19 AM.png

This is something I hope we see on a lot more cameras in 2019.

I find the external battery and bulk of an Atomos recorder very cumbersome for most shoots and an additional burden to worry about.... Is the cable loose, is it recording, is it setup right, is the battery going to see me through the next take, blah blah blah.

With the T5 you just plug it in. Done. Love that it takes power from the USB C port, no other 4K recorders do that.

As we already have a plenty large enough screen on the camera, the need for an external monitor / recorder is even less.

I will be asking every manufacturer at Photokina about adding USB C raw recording and seeing what they think of it.

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@BTM_Pix could combine his cheap screen and a raspberry pie case and create exactly that. You'd still need 2 cables though as the USB doesn't give a video signal. 

Good shout @Andrew Reid , wouldn't the camera manufacture have to create their own raw format? Or adopt Prores raw? The USB drive essentially copies the file being created in the camera in real time right? 

Also, but I don't think atomos will be too happy about it. haha


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I believe Cinema DNG is an open raw format that anyone can use. So no they don't have to create their own format or adopt ProRes raw.

The USB C interface is very versatile, you can send all sorts over it. In this case just a data transfer in realtime like a PC, containing the raw picture data, not sure of the format on the Pocket 4K.

It is something I am pretty sure you will see on more cameras soon after the Pocket 4K comes out.

Reliable 4K RAW recording on a mirrorless camera, as easy as plugging in a USB SSD drive.

12 minutes ago, Hans Punk said:

Now if someone could combine the T5 enclosure with a nice high res 3 inch OLED display (to use with a loupe finder) - that would make a rather nice eyepiece/recorder combo.

That would be nice.

A smartphone with USB C and OLED is essentially the same thing (SSD chipset, processor and screen) and I am surprised a monitor company hasn't taken one as the basis to create an external recorder from.

If they have USB C transfer and live-preview, along with the nice long battery life of a modern smartphone (in airplane mode), you will have a screen which is slimmer, lighter and downright better than everything else on the market for people who want to keep the size down.

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