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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K


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53 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

I believe Cinema DNG is an open raw format that anyone can use. So no they don't have to create their own format or adopt ProRes raw.

The USB C interface is very versatile, you can send all sorts over it. In this case just a data transfer in realtime like a PC, containing the raw picture data, not sure of the format on the Pocket 4K.

It is something I am pretty sure you will see on more cameras soon after the Pocket 4K comes out.

Reliable 4K RAW recording on a mirrorless camera, as easy as plugging in a USB SSD drive.

That would be nice.

A smartphone with USB C and OLED is essentially the same thing (SSD chipset, processor and screen) and I am surprised a monitor company hasn't taken one as the basis to create an external recorder from.

If they have USB C transfer and live-preview, along with the nice long battery life of a modern smartphone (in airplane mode), you will have a screen which is slimmer, lighter and downright better than everything else on the market for people who want to keep the size down.

Yeah - even something as chunky as the original Zacuto EVF, but with rear slot for T5 drive would be nice. Having a dedicated loupe monitor with integrated ssd slot at rear would allow to position it away from the camera body and allow third point of contact when used as loupe on the end of a rosette arm. The HDMI and USB-C cables could just be bundled into a nice Kevlar sheath to make a rugged tether. The thin HDMI cables now available would not make that cable bundle too thick...Slap a LP-E6 battery on the back of the monitor for power.

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18 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:


I believe Cinema DNG is an open raw format that anyone can use. So no they don't have to create their own format or adopt ProRes raw.


That's true. But then what's stopping them from already offering raw? Is it just the write speeds of their chosen media, with usbc bypassing that bottleneck? Or is it that they simply don't want to offer raw?


I'm already planning on using my Zucato evf for a few types of shoots, and thought of mounting the t5 onto that. But I really wouldn't want to be jiggling  the USB very much at all. Especially since people here have already warned against the stability of a usbc port.

When I do use the Zucato, it rarely stays in the same place relative to the camera for the whole shoot. 

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12 minutes ago, Hans Punk said:

Yeah - it needs a cable strain relief on it IMHO...looks like the 8sinn solution have recognized that.

Agreed. Though I really like the "mag" approach, it takes up less space and looks like it has the potential to be a more solid connection. Plus it reminds me of RED ?

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1 hour ago, mechanicalEYE said:

They say it will be on the site soon for pre-orders.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.38.19 AM.png

Love this. Perfect!


and ugh, don’t understand the appeal with wooden camera. It’s way more expensive than competition and the design is so ugly. People won’t be impressed just cause they have some wooden details. Same thing for the BMPCC, I went with the tilta cage that actually looked nice. 

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33 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

Next we'll be finding out VK was at Manchester too!

Andrew has a point. No one can deny it. Now let's expect they may try to fix it and move on. I even urge Andrew himself to not close his door. I still tend to see it as gate yet. We his readers/guests can only hope so. 

May Hook @CaptainHook be the bridge where Andrew's contacts and JB @John Brawley have failed so far?

I actually have some contacts inside or connected with but quite frankly, I wouldn't find myself to pose there. I am not their ambassador nor worker.

E : -)

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I still want to believe goodwill and good sense can always save the grace. The trouble is when people forget to listen the other side. You Andrew have spoken. Let's now hope for a better insight.

Without a little help of a friendly hand is harder to arrive there, that's for sure : -)


17 minutes ago, wyrlyn said:

What does this exactly mean? 

from cinema5d:

"While recording to an external media via the USB C connector, the images can not be captured internally simultaneously"

You'll only have one of those options: 1) internal recording; 2) externally via USB Type-C connector. 

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