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  1. What also so annoying is these companies have patents that make it so hard competition to push the tech forward and having them cripple hammer features on top of it really hurts the industry. I could see getting around patents on IBS and autofocus must be such a hurdle for smaller camera brands
  2. what if you set the clock forward maybe the 25 min cool off would go away 😹
  3. Wheres magic lantern when you need them time to update your canon rep video andrew
  4. For me I need to see 2 major things from a canon recall/firmware update 1) no overheating. 2) better c-log with 15 stops of dynamic range. I prefer the canon body feel over the sony and the ND les adapter is a nice touch. I also own all canon glass and am not sure how the autofocus will be on the sony with canon glass. Maybe canon can move to pharma like kodak 😅
  5. Maybe a dry ice dispenser dummy battery will do the trick 😅
  6. I like the 8sin cage but i recommend this top handle/rail system Having top rails is really import for lens controls specially on smaller rigs when the grips and matte box can get in the way https://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-closed-top-handle-for-fs7-fs7ii-fs5-ursa-mini-1979.html
  7. Andrew I love your site and honestly your I'm aligned with your opinions 90% of the time. I do think you are one of the few truly honest reviewers and that may scare a company with a lot to loose. I also think that other companies like canon have tried to screw customers with gimmicks and bullshit for so long and you and I have frankly lost all patience for the bullshit. In the case of John I feel like you misread his comments as being directed at you, I felt he was speaking more generally. There are a ton a noobs who do butcher his footage but he was clearly joking. The fact that BM is producing "cinema" cameras with one screw hole on the bottom and top is a clear sign they have not consulted enough straight up and honest pros. With that said I think all this anti BM drama is not productive. There are way worse reasons to start a war with companies like canon or sony over 8 bit bullshit.
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