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  1. I like the 8sin cage but i recommend this top handle/rail system Having top rails is really import for lens controls specially on smaller rigs when the grips and matte box can get in the way https://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-closed-top-handle-for-fs7-fs7ii-fs5-ursa-mini-1979.html
  2. Andrew I love your site and honestly your I'm aligned with your opinions 90% of the time. I do think you are one of the few truly honest reviewers and that may scare a company with a lot to loose. I also think that other companies like canon have tried to screw customers with gimmicks and bullshit for so long and you and I have frankly lost all patience for the bullshit. In the case of John I feel like you misread his comments as being directed at you, I felt he was speaking more generally. There are a ton a noobs who do butcher his footage but he was clearly joking. The fact that BM is producing "cinema" cameras with one screw hole on the bottom and top is a clear sign they have not consulted enough straight up and honest pros. With that said I think all this anti BM drama is not productive. There are way worse reasons to start a war with companies like canon or sony over 8 bit bullshit.
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