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GH5 to Alexa Conversion

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Sure; it depends on what you'd like. Fuji and BMD have very good, usable color. I personally will use P4K with GH5; I hope to have EC to do a production this summer. 8 bit is tricky; I'd prefer t

"GH5 V-Log and Hybid Log-Gamma are transformed to precisely match the color science of the Alexa, without compromise." "The GH Alex conversion completely transforms the GH5 image, addressing ever

Emotive Color Version 3 Core LogC Details - Rewrote engine to work at 65x65x65, main files are now at eight times resolution (supporting files processed at that resolution) - Fine tuned mu

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On 7/20/2019 at 1:09 AM, Adam Kuźniar said:

Look who's using GHAlexa too


GHa or ACES (with some tricks to get rid of red clipping and overall magentaish look) are the only ways to make the GH5 look good.
And of course lots of diffusion in front of the lens and blur in post.

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On 7/19/2019 at 7:09 PM, Adam Kuźniar said:

Look who's using GHAlexa too


An excellent channel; very well spoken. His lighting reviews have been a great resource for me

9 hours ago, Wild Ranger said:

Hi, here is a music video that i was DP, shot with GHAlex.

it´s on the band's youtube only, so compression sucks. but i can upload some frames


So cool man, very metal ? 

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23 hours ago, Walter H said:

@Sage As a very new Panasonic S1 owner and being extremely impressed by the image you have created, I'm piling on with others who have said they would be very interested in applying this to the S1. 

Thanks, and I will follow this thread. 

Yes I think the Panasonic s1 will be a king. I tonly takes time that everyone really understands what a nearly perfect camera this is. So much better then the gh5.

Makes me wonder whether the gh5 also took some time until it got so popular?

By the way the german site slashcam tested the s1 very fast with the vlog and they are very impressed about dynamic range, colour rendition.

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1 hour ago, PannySVHS said:

@Wild Ranger Love what you do with color on the GH5! Really dig the videos you have been posting on here. Can you post the video above?

The Spot has not been publish yet, also it's targeted for Instagram and Facebook, those are the trends nowadays ?

But I can share this clip in modest HD quality here.

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Nice work guys; sure, Aces is a viable route (VLog -> LogC -> Aces). With the next release though, EC will really exceed the aesthetics of standard LogC routes in every way

12 hours ago, mirekti said:

@Sage Any update on GH5S profile?

Well, I've certainly blown through my own deadlines. Best steer clear of further prediction until the exact date can be guaranteed beyond a doubt. Progress on the P4K is good (which directly benefits the S, and 5).

Here is the first 'P4Ka in the wild':





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