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  1. Hey Sage, any news on the latest updates? Specially the X-T3! I'm really eager to test it out
  2. Really looking forward to the X-T3 release! As of right now, I'm using the VLog version with an F-Log to V-Log conversion. Kinda works, but not perfect!
  3. It's not ideal, but I've played around with some shots from my X-T3 using LUTCalc's FLog to V-Log conversion, and then GHa on the next node. I'm probably one of the only GHa buyers that has never owned a Panasonic camera. I've used it with Nikon, Sony and Fuji footage haha @Sage BTW, another vote for an X-T3 conversion! That would be awesome. You once said you were working on some "look" conversions too, alongside the Alexa ones. Are those still planned? That could be quite interesting.
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