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  1. Nothing too complicated, honestly. I just use a Color Space Transform to take it from REC2020/F-Log to V-GAMUT/V-LOG. That takes your footage into V-LOG, but the GH5 shoots in V-LOG-L, so you might have to adjust the contrast a bit ahead of the conversion. I either set the Contrast on a serial node to 1.1 or just leave it be. Then you can just follow @Sage’s instructions on how to properly set your image to conform to cinema luminance, then apply the conversion LUT and place the black levels. If you’re not using DaVinci Resolve, you can generate a LUT on LUTCalc to get roughly the same r
  2. I’ve still been playing around with the X-T3 and Emotive Color using a CST in Resolve. Results are pretty good, but it just makes me even more excited for eventual native F-Log support.
  3. Really sorry to hear about your father. I'll be sending my positive energy from here. Take your time and focus on what's most important! V4 is really good to use, and the new exposure pres and ABL posts are definitely the final touch to an amazing package you put together with Emotive Color. About the BT709 LUT, I can't seem to find FLog color space in the Color Space Transform, only the FLog gamma seems to be there, that's why I decided to try out the BT709 lut and leaving Rec709 as the input color space. Take care!
  4. I was using the last version, yes. But I was shooting on a Fujifilm X-T3 in F-Log. I then applied Fuji's Flog to BT 709 LUT and Resolve's Color Space Transform to take the Gamma Space from FLog to VLog, then I applied GHAlex.
  5. Quarantine boredom hits, so I decided to experiment with some things... What do you guys think about these frames? Cheers!
  6. Hi, Sage! It’s great to hear the V4 is out. I use the GH5 version adapted to my X-T3, but I`m really looking forward to a native version for F-Log. Do you have any idea when it will come out? Cheers
  7. Amazing job as always, Juan. I learned a great deal about color grading from you. I'd love to see an X-T3 version! Instant purchase for me. Cheers
  8. All of this just makes me really excited for the X-T3 version!! Any estimates on when that one comes out? It's a really popular camera that really needs some of your help
  9. @Sage I saw the PCC4K version was released, that's great!! When can we expect the X-T3 version to come out? I'm super excited for that one. Cheers
  10. Hey Sage, any news on the latest updates? Specially the X-T3! I'm really eager to test it out
  11. Really looking forward to the X-T3 release! As of right now, I'm using the VLog version with an F-Log to V-Log conversion. Kinda works, but not perfect!
  12. It's not ideal, but I've played around with some shots from my X-T3 using LUTCalc's FLog to V-Log conversion, and then GHa on the next node. I'm probably one of the only GHa buyers that has never owned a Panasonic camera. I've used it with Nikon, Sony and Fuji footage haha @Sage BTW, another vote for an X-T3 conversion! That would be awesome. You once said you were working on some "look" conversions too, alongside the Alexa ones. Are those still planned? That could be quite interesting.
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