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  1. I have a theory that the new Sony sensors have a lot of inbuilt processing done on the chip itself or in the accompanying electronics, which you can see in the new BMPCC4k cameras. It feels a lot more sharpened and as if there's processing or noise reduction in there. The newer BM pocket 4k and 6k cameras look very similar to the GH5s and Z-Cam cameras for me. A nice image, but not with the same magic or feel. Some have speculated that it's about the jump up to 4k, but I feel like there's something else going on there.
  2. Yeah I'm really conflicted about log profiles on consumer cameras. I honestly don't like the way most footage is graded these days, and the popular style of 'cinematic grading' which to me usually looks flat and weird when done by amateurs. The worst casualty has been skin tones, with rich vibrant alive tones replaced by green grey yellow orange stylised skin in 90% of videos on Youtube. Whether that's to do with Sony sensors or just Log profiles is a difficult question. I do know however that I have rarely seen skin tones out of any Sony camera below the FX9 that I've liked. One of
  3. Wow Panasonic really nailed colour back then. When I look at this and the colour from the 5Dmkii I have to wonder what the hell happened since then? Maybe my negative perception of colour in consumer cams 2014-2020ish mostly comes from Sony dominance and the pandora's box of giving S-Log to the masses.
  4. Not sure if it's placebo or something in the compression used by consumer cameras these days but I definitely perceive a certain flatness and lack of colour density in many hybrid cameras and camcorders these days, and the common factor in most of them is Sony sensors. Out of all the consumer brands, Canon seems to stand out as being an exception in that regard. They seem to be capable of producing more rich tones straight out of the camera. I was also never that into the colour from the BMPCC4k with it's Sony sensor, compared to the Ursa image. It's been said many times on this foru
  5. Yeah I think the skintone is much better with the S1a lut. It's from a hike near Benidorm in Spain.
  6. I purchased the S1 set, and I see what you mean about the colour deviation between the GHa and S1a Luts. I was quite happy with GHa on my S1 footage, but the S1 High Scale Lut looks more vibrant and cleaner to me compared to the GHa Linear conversion. Better colour separation and fidelity. Thanks for your hard work, this is a really valuable tool and a pleasure to use! Footage is 1080p 10 bit from the S1, basic corrections with the luts applied on top, ungraded. Top is S1a, bottom is GHa.
  7. @Sage Is there a discount for Emotive Color packages if you've previously bought the LUTs for another camera? I got the GH5 set and am considering the S1 set.
  8. Don't think this has been posted before - I saw this example from the Emotive Color site, and I genuinely can't believe how good this looks. It must be my favourite example of GH5 footage. Stunning filmlike color. I'd love to know more about how he graded it.
  9. Very excited about your S1 LUTs. I've been using the GH5 luts on my S1 so far and seems to work great. Are the GH5 and S1 luts very different? Do you have any samples of the Lut on the S1 or S1H? I looked on the Emotive Color site and couldn't find any. Thanks for your work and for being a presence on here.
  10. You'd be better off buying that lens, which is 90% of the look of that video. Global shutter probably helps too, but I bet you could get a similar look from the Zcam E2, A7SIII, S1H etc if you had the same glass.
  11. Beautiful work. Can I also ask what sharpening you did and how you exported it? Some of the shots are so sharp and crisp, particularly of the woman near the fire at the end. Looks fantastic. I always struggle to get crisp exports, even when the original footage has very high fidelity. I feel like h264 footage comes out much worse on Vimeo/YT compared to footage recorded in raw or prores for some reason.
  12. It's easy to get FOMO and be distracted by the latest cameras from Canon and Sony (which for me both look fantastic as a run & gun event shooter) but the S1 has a beautiful image which I have yet to fully exploit. Also a far better stills camera than the A7Siii, which is essential for me. I do hope we're getting to a post-camera landscape where all the cameras are so fantastic that we can just stick with what we've got and concentrate on the work. We've probably been there for a few years already, but with the new cameras around right now I certainly have much less envy of Red and Arr
  13. I know Andrew isn't always a fan of people just posting Youtube links, but after a while it's nice to see some (what I would consider) cinematic samples of the camera coming out these days. Good to remember with the new Canon announcements that the ceiling for this cam remains incredibly high.
  14. That's exactly what I did. I kept the X-T3 as it's a lovely camera to use and compact, but the S1 beats it in photo and video quality in every way (except autofocus...)
  15. My first impression of your travel video is that you uploaded it in an extremely low bitrate, which does it a big disservice. Could you upload it at 20,000 - 40-000 kbps? I downloaded the ungraded still of the man playing the violin and it also looks like 720p, which again doesn't help. To me, the color space transformed shot looks about right for the lighting, the violinist is obviously very much in the shade, which you've exposed to keep the highlights. I think there's just too much dynamic range in this shot for the camera to expose the skin tones nicely, as they're firmly in the shado
  16. Yes GHa works very well on my S1 and S1H files using Premiere. I haven't seen a real difference between the two cameras in terms of colour. If I were using Resolve I'd probably go with a color transform node and get it into Arri space or something, but I prefer Premiere so I just drop the Lut over my footage. Generally I need to reduce the exposure on the footage to get the Lut looking good. I tried loading the monitoring LUT into the camera, but it looked awful - probably because the S1 is a different camera to the GH5 obviously. I also tried the native Panasonic LUTs on the footage
  17. Looks great! Love the colours - how did you grade it? Looks Arri-ish
  18. I always think that shooting video is like having to think in 5 dimensions at all times - particularly as a one man band. You're thinking about the 3 physical dimensions you're occupying with your body, your equipment, the physical space of your subject, your environment, where is the light, is the sound ok.. You're also thinking about movement and time - where is something coming from, where is it going, how long is the shot. And you're also projecting part of your mind to the edit, where future-you, or an editor, is sitting down to view your rushes and working out how it all goes toget
  19. I feel the same way about the comparison between the S1 and the XT3. I tried so hard to love the XT3, and I do love its form factor and many things about it, but the image quality of the S1 is far superior in both video and stills. In fact, I'm always amazed by how many people rave about the XT3 in reviews. I'm assuming there have been no IQ improvements in the XT4. The XT3 dynamic range is quite lacking in some situations, and the image fidelity - the detail - is kind of mushy and almost phone-quality at time. The biggest deal breaker was the photo quality in raw, which I find to be smea
  20. I've found the GHa luts look amazing on the S1 V-Log too. Give it a try. When I do side by sides, it makes the native Panasonic luts look horrible.
  21. Really sorry to hear about that @Sage Thanks for all the work you do on this, it's much appreciated, although events lately and your personal news put all this camera stuff into perspective. Take care mate.
  22. Can't see GoPros on this list? Would be a valid inclusion I think. Drones too. EDIT: Not intending to nag or be critical, this is an interesting survey and obviously you can't include everything!
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