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  2. I am in the same boat Chadandreo. I have 3 Fuji X-T3's, but only 1 ninja v. My Ninja V is on my main rig so I can record the highest quality, but on a wedding day we are shooting multiple cameras and we are just shooting 10 bit 4k 60 the whole day. We make proxies and then edit on those and then flip back to H265 for the export. If I am doing a project with less footage, like I am editing a corporate story right now where the interview portion was shot on a ninja v 422 24 10 bit and the B-roll was all internal 4k 60 10 bit. All of this I am editing natively on a timeline with no transcoding. I have to wait for renders but it still plays back pretty smoothly. I am on a 2015 MacBook Pro on the new version of FCPX though...
  3. Sounds rather disappointing, especially if you take into consideration that cinemad5d reviews tend to be very "friendly". EIS only when shooting MOV, yet MOV only has 8 stops? Moire? Mh, at this stage I wont be an early adopter although I really would like to love this camera. Hopefully upcoming firmware updates address some of those issues.
  4. wait what, fuck me, I use FC too but mine doesn't look that good after ten minutes
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  6. noone


    I would try something but the ones I have are not really worth doing all that much. I guess having used some for decades, it is just easier going elsewhere for me. They do have some nice lenses though.
  7. https://www.cinema5d.com/sigma-fp-camera-first-impression-sample-footage-and-lab-test-results/
  8. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 20.1 MP Digital Camera On Ebay - Black Price: $649.99 Brand:Panasonic Series: Panasonic LUMIX Optical Zoom: 16x Type: Bridge Digital Zoom: 4x Connectivity: Component Weight: 27.51 Oz. Megapixels: 20.1MP Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Color: Black Features: Auto Focus Model: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000
  9. That is actually decent. Not that I would ever need it, but still. This Realme looks like a beast, but the AndroidAuthority review slammed it's low light performance. Waiting for the verdict from GSMArena.
  10. Thank you! Made this the other day. Shot in HLG using the leica 12-60 and a few shots with sigma 18-35. Graded it with filmconvert nitrate in Premiere Pro and I am not kidding when I say it only took ten minutes for the grade. Very impressive plugin.
  11. j169

    Ronin SC monitor mounting

    Yes, they are the two issues that I have (the pro and the con) but I think most of my glass will be ok. I use a GH5 with a small rig cage and wooden handle, and normally the panasonic 12-35 f2.8, sometimes smaller primes - my largest is a 35mm samyang t1.5.
  12. Ive attached a screen grab of the settings I was using. All of the clips that were transcoded had the same issue. I havent tried LT or 422 yet, but I will give that a shot.
  13. The iPhone has seriously exaggerated colours and which are quite off, as well. I don't even consider their photos acceptable. Other low light cameras don't have this problem. The portrait mode is fine by smartphone standards. The problem is when you see the photos on a larger screen (larger than a smartphone size), the quality suddenly looks rubbish and the colours seem very disappointing. The same applies for video. Everything looks like 480p or worse.
  14. Have you made sure you’re exporting to 59.94 and not 60? That will cause drift. I haven’t heard of it in a while, but the drive speed could potentially slow it down. Maybe try going to 422 or LT and see if you have the same issue? Just to trouble shoot. Is it happening on all of the clips?
  15. I am using Adobe Media Encoder to transcode H.265 Fuji XT3 files to ProRes HQ and the audio is off on the transcoded footage. In Media Encoder, I selected the ProRes 422 HQ preset and selected match source. Also, most of the footage was shot 59.94. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?
  16. Looks like the Metal API is producing some serious speed gains... A New Metal Engine in Final Cut Pro X 10.4.7 Gives A Big Boost https://barefeats.com/final-cut-pro-brucex-mojave-vs-catalina.html ...though it would have been nice to see them incorporate the more-common in-built Pro 580X and 560X GPUs found in the latest iMacs and MacBook Pros (repectively) in their tests.
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  18. Hard to go wrong with Prores 422. I don't like using H265 as it takes way longer to render, at least on my system.
  19. kye


    If the lenses can focus a little past infinity at their hard-stop then there's a bit of room for something in the mount, so maybe a small amount of something grippy like a very thin rubber gasket? ie, cut from a very thin rubber sheet perhaps?
  20. Would love an adapter even a used and dumb adapter. If anyone has one hit me up!
  21. noone


    Even with a extra twist they can still be loose for me...I have a pet Pentax Spotmatic film camera with a 28mm 2.8 M42 lens on it and even it can twist off if I am not careful.
  22. For the highest quality video and color grading when shooting F-Log 10-Bit, is it better to transcode to a specific codec or edit H.265 with proxies? Is there a noticeable difference? What’s the best codec I can transcode to? I own a Ninja V, but I only have one and most of my jobs require 2-4 cameras.
  23. Smoother focus for auto-focus. In my many experiments it also tends to be less jumpy, hold focus better and transition between objects better and more naturally.
  24. What does linear focus motor entail?
  25. It isn't video friendly to me without a Linear Motor. I know manual focus is preferred by many (and yes, I often use manual focus), but I love auto focus when I am running and gunning and especially on a gimbal and nothing can beat the Linear Motor autofocus of the 16-55. Yes, the flicker in the zoom is annoying, but I am never performing an action where I need to zoom while recording and keep the zoom motion in the recording - rather I pick the focal length I want and then record. I would still prefer the 16-55.
  26. The sensors are tiny. My iPhone XS looks only okay in lower light with anything but the widest lens. It’s great in the right conditions, but that’s always been the case. Even the phones now seen good enough for most consumers. I should mention that the skin tone and color is actually much worse on my iPhone XS than the 6s that was made 3 years earlier. This might have to do with improved high ISO performance. Historically that always seems to be the problem with all lowlight cameras. Portrait mode is also so dodgy and kinda works well sometimes?
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