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Blackmagic casually announces 12K URSA Mini Pro Camera

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Oh no! The megapixel race has come to cinema.

$10,000 with an 80 megapixel Super 35mm sensor, the new URSA Mini Pro shoots 12K BRAW.

The technology in this camera is practically unheard of.

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Yet you still hear people complain about the Alexa green cast, the Red yellow wash and the pinkish skin from canon colours. Put a Zeiss lens you get a blue cast, put a canon or a Cooke you get ye

My 12K URSA arrives in two days and I’m beyond stoked to play with this thing. Honestly it has a lot hype to live up to (for me personally)

Some gorgeous shots by Note. This camera is the most interesting of all the new releases imho, am bored of the overheating mess that is Canon, and the disappointingly video like images of the A7s

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1 minute ago, Neumann Films said:

Did anyone hear/notice any info on release date?

On the 5th day of the month that the dark side of the moon becomes visible for first time and Jupiter turns blue.

2 minutes ago, Video Hummus said:

What sensor is it using?

Good question! What was wrong with a 6K full frame Sony!?

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2 minutes ago, gt3rs said:

From my understanding 8k and 4k are not  cropped but scaled at least from the product page. 

So you should get 4k, 8k and 12k all raw and the same field of view that makes it much more practical.


Exactly. It should make the camera relevant for years. 4K in 2020, 8K in 2022, and 12K whenever that comes. But honestly I see huge use for 12K capture of 4K stock footage.


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3 minutes ago, wondo said:

so i would have to pay for a 12k camera just to get insanely sharp 4k images and then put a shitload of filters on the lens, and probably a net on the back, just to get nice cinematic images?

this is nuts!

Well with the way that blackmagic raw handles compression the sharpness won't be that apparent. Their demosiac algorithm often smoothes out some of the higher level details and noise in order for better compression, so the details even when downsampled from 12k are going to be a improvement around some more subtle areas. It's going to be textures rather then digital sharpness.

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These days im not sure what the future of camera tech should be like. I dont even need 4k, sometimes I think ibis can come in handy, but then you see some wobbly images and I change my mind instantly. For cinema uses there isnt a need for more iso options iso 800 is great. I guess most cameras have decent DR nowadays. AF is cool for gimbal work and one man band kinda jobs, but for cinema it doesnt look it will ever come. The alexa does still looks the most amazing, and thats a 10 year old sensor. So maybe the future of filmmaking lies in the innovation of lighting. Aputure set a great example in modular lighting and arri followed suit. But I guess prices and current led tech isnt quite there yet for the masses.

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