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  1. hey andrew, what puzzles me most is how naive and irrational this whole thing is. as you said, marketing it as perfect companion to a c300II without knowing about the bugs? those guys are not 3 year olds or us president.... so there must be a plan or an idea behind this... just not sure what it is!
  2. i think there`s a guy above the r5 AND cinema eos guys, and he surely owns a pocket calculator. canon is a company that is on the stock market and that rules out that decisions are made just because somebody is too proud or too vain.
  3. if andrew is right, the big question that remains is why did they do it??? and why did they do it in such an excessive way? if the camera had a hardware flaw and they would do a lot of pr to downplay it i would totally understand that. but crippling a camera by firmware to a point where it becomes unusable does not make any sense. limiting it to protect cinema eos sales?, ok, limiting it to protect sales of the next model?, ok, but totally ruining it? development of this thing must have cost tons of money, and even if they wanted to protect cinema eos sales, there is still
  4. problem solved! you just need to cut your nostril hair before using the viewfinder!!
  5. two things really puzzle me when i read through these posts. a: i don`t think anyone is forced to buy this camera but a lot of the posts read like people already did and now live in a constant nightmare. b: from looking at the whole thing it does not seem like canon is trying to keep the issue under wraps, they gave pretty honest info about it, so where`s the scandal? of course they aimed for the middle ground like any other company would do. canon took a big gamble to have 8k on the box just in time before the olympics. well, the olympics are called off and canon has to deal wi
  6. quick question... where do you guys watch 8k material? or even 4k?
  7. so i would have to pay for a 12k camera just to get insanely sharp 4k images and then put a shitload of filters on the lens, and probably a net on the back, just to get nice cinematic images? this is nuts!
  8. andrew, forget about that paycheck argument, and any "proof" about being a pro cinematographer or not. you can not measure this way. i always worshipped your honest opinion, and an emotional outburst just proofs that there`s a human being behind all of this, that does not write reviews on his pocket calculator. admitting that you went a little over the top just underlines that. another big plus for you. the PR machinery has chewed up a lot of unbiased coverage these days and i never know wether all the praise was bought or is true. except on eoshd! for me the latest ca
  9. andrew, i know you and the fact that they fear your honest opinion honors you. so don`t worry about not being invited etc.. and maybe rant a little less about it... i know an honest review if i see one and i`m pretty fed up with the "friendly" ones that come as a return favor. so please give less of a shit about what mediocre tv shooters that are on bm`s payroll say and keep up the good work! best, wondo
  10. ​sorry andrew, but now you`re really loosing it.... NOBODY needs that kind of "talent" on screen or in the industry. this is clearly a case where fame went to somebody`s head and made him think that he can get away with everything. now the bbc told him that this is not the case, bravo! best, wondo
  11. ​+1 you will need new lenses for 50mp. even medium format is on the edge at 50 mp... and this is a dslr. so there`s a high chance that buyers will fill up their hard drives in a breeze just to have higher resolving details in chromatic aberration and soft images, where`s the point in that?
  12. hey andrew, now look what you`ve done! you put an f35 in a list that is titled "DSLR! video quality rank".... now the forum explodes with questions about the c100, c300, fs7, and jcs even lectures about the f65!? brilliant! :-) best, wondo ... just googled f35 + odyssey q7..... very interesting.....
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