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  1. To drive conversation a bit more towards cameras, Sonyalpharumors questioned the report: 1) Not so diligent journalist: A reliable Japanese source told me this: 2) Wrong Olympus new reporting: Just recently Bloomberg said Olympus was considering selling their camera division and misquoted an Olympus manager to support the story. Well also this “rumor” was debunked directly by Olympus.
  2. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-releases-financials-and-lays-out-advanced-eos-r-plans/?fbclid=IwAR0p-iQG09dDym6CRrOc7mEW9Ek_xDZ6VJ9HCldtL3JTmtcicQcFDMzGXrA Looks like Sony might delay a7S III once again
  3. Can't wait for the Leica SL in the Scottish Highlands! We visited Scotland in January couple of years ago and got lucky with the weather for at least half of our stay having both sunny and snowy days.
  4. a73 description: FF in 24/25p; 1.2x Crop in 30p; Super 35 in 24/25/30p a74 description: FF, 1.2 Crop, Super 35 in 24/25/30p a7R4 description: Super 35, FF in 24/25/30p Phrasing is different from a73 and implies that a74 is capable of 24/25/30p in all three crop modes whereas a73 has separate frame size specified for 24/25p vs 30p. a74 recording modes are described literally the same way as a7R4 are in this table – does a7R4 have a crop for 30p?
  5. Heya Andrew! I think you misread the chart a bit whilst typing out the article: nowhere does it imply 1.2x crop for 30p for new a7, that is only mentioned for current a7 III (= Cheers!
  6. @Andrew Reid even though I do agree on Gizmodo's journalism quality, nonetheless it's still part of the same free-speech world all of us are in favor of. They are free to share publicly available info, it was also encouraged just days ago. @Video Hummus thanks for understanding mate! Weird someone could assume it's possible for a person to be that silly as well as manage getting through registration on a forum. @Shaocaholica https://gizmodo.com/why-is-apple-flexing-on-high-end-camera-company-red-ove-1837302653
  7. Still there for me, "sign a non-disparagement agreement" links here: https://www.eoshd.com/2019/08/jinni-tech-claims-red-compressed-raw-patent-filing-is-invalid/
  8. I feel your pain ... made same decision last winter. Even though my channel was not a popular one (a bit over 200.000 views on most watched video and about 700 followers) it is still sad to abandon the moral investment in the platform. Even though I was a PRO user for a couple of years their support couldn't resolve any of the issues with lost views & stats (same answer for years – "transferring to new engine"). DMCA strike handling and pricing switch was the last straw. Btw, I have TWO strikes on the same video! Their policy says that if I file counter-claim I will either remove the strike forever or get sued in case I am actually violating. That turned out to be a lie – another party owning rights can still claim and you have exact same risks again. Some tracks have tens of different companies handling copyright for different regions, and any of those can put a separate claim, but only once ? Now we're on YouTube and even though for one year we only gathered under 9000 views and 275 subscribers while invested heavily in the content – I am still happy with the move. I can proudly say that at least our most viewed video about Scotland from last winter has a view per pound spent on production ?
  9. a7S III was overdue over a year ago, but they felt the need to voice their plans only now. What changed? a7S III was ready for production (not just concept-design stage) about last year and awaiting competition for price adjustment. "We are thinking about making one" is probably just to disprove this suspicion. Competition did something (or is about to do something) that required redesign of a7S III and it's no longer about waiting game, which they lost. My thoughts are: they have a superior a7S III version designed for scenario like this, but production is not ready. It takes about 5 to 9 months to set up a production on a large scale if it's for key elements (sensor, CPU etc.). There is no way they issue a statement about the camera that is nowhere near this stage. So I'd expect it no later than within a year, may be even announcement at NAB. I wish Canon would come up with a Pro RF-mount body by then so we have more FF options to choose from by the time Sony shows a7S successor.
  10. Leaked naming for adapters is "M.ADAP R", "M.ADAP R ND” & “M.ADAP R PL” – looks like camera will have video features ... or at least adapters ?
  11. Stanly

    DJI Ronin S

    Found it! Weird that they inverted 2 axis, I wonder how it will work when both products will be released
  12. Stanly

    DJI Ronin S

    Could someone please repost the image/video where Ronin S is seen with Blackmagic Pocket 4K mounted on it? Searched the web and couldn’t find it )=
  13. Thanks for posting two latest articles! I am so glad I’m not the only one pissed of with influencers-driven society that doesn’t care what those “influencers” stand for!
  14. Hi guys! In case no one posted confirmation – my Mid 2014 Retina MacBook Pro 15" with Quad-core 2.5Ghz i7 (Iris Pro integrated GPU) and dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2GB GPU doesn't preview h.265 files (recorded with DJI Phantom 4 Pro) in Finder, and barely plays them with Quicktime (rewinding breaks playback ... sometimes even playback breaks playback :D ) my guess – no hardware acceleration, while software is struggling and that's why no support in FCPX yet (you can't enable it only in a few newer machines, right?) On the other hand my girlfriends newer Mid 2017 base MacBook Pro 13" without Touch Bar previews them in finder without any hesitation like it's 8MP jpeg :D On a side note – iPad Pro 10.5" is capable to playback and rewind UHD h.265 clips but for now you'll need an app for that (I use LumaFusion editing software for iOS) because Gallery doesn't always allow you to play same file ... weird, while DCI doesn't seem to be properly recognized by gallery at all
  15. This article is great, it reflects everything that's wrong with todays society values. I literally want to hug every word. Print it out, and hug. Thank you!
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