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  1. As a response to EOSHD, Canon said the following: PetaPixel: Canon Rebuffs Rumors That Its R3 Sensor is Made by Sony This gets interesting (= *if you're reading this, hi Canon! πŸ˜„
  2. The problem is not what sensor does the R3 have, but if Sony is the only one who produces higher-end sensors. If Canon truly gave up sensor of their upcoming flagship (albeit temporary until R1 comes), this means that most probably development doesn't make sense for them and will be outsourced.
  3. So happy I went with Sony a7S III
  4. Downgrades compared to a7S III No audio input on a gimbal (without top handle) No IBIS No EVF No HDMI raw (Ninja V is two times cheaper than Shogun 7 and fits camera size better) No audio in 100/120p mode (a7S III has that option in addition to S&Q) No 10bit 4K Long GOP (a7S III has that codec option in addition to ALL-I) Worse menu and touch AF Worse AWB tools Half-upgrades compared to a7S III Looks like DCI 4K (4096 × 2160px) is ~10% cropped for 1:1 readout instead of being slightly oversampled like UHD Better cooling at the cost of weather sealing Upgrades compared to a7S III Electronic ND Waveform SDI and SDI raw Arguably better form-factor for handheld work More professionally looking camera for a client that likes ... looking ... at your tools ... Did I miss anything?
  5. But it does πŸ˜„ No matter what camera do you use, 24-105 f/4 can transfer only a certain amount of light. Crop sensor collects light from a smaller area = less light collected compared to FF camera with the same lens. The speedbooster can only compensate that by focusing all of the light from the lens onto the smaller sensor area. So 24-105 f/4 with a speed-booster will look just as it looks on full frame.
  6. It will look exactly like 24-105 f/4 on full frame (or 24-70 f/2.8). Even though the speedbooster "doubles the light", it only compensates the light initially subtracted by the sensor crop.
  7. Very odd indeed! Might be last minute decision, or even part of plan to eventually "solve all issues" by the time camera truly ships. This + the fact that @Andrew Reid had to use a formatted card after every "reset" might point to camera reading the contents of the card with time stamps to know if there was an 8K / 4K HQ etc. recorded recently. I wonder what happens if you record 8K until camera overheats in one R5, then insert the same card into a different R5 ... if the code is this flawed (quite possible, since it looks to be a last minute thing) – the fresh R5 might think it is overheated without ever being powered on.
  8. Same thing here! I will only buy an RF cine camera as an addition to hybrid camera because it's the main tool for what we do, even though we use video cameras for some projects.
  9. As I've replied on YouTube – all modes "overheat"! It's just that the message about it is displayed only when switching to 8K / 4K HQ / slow motion. Meaning: you can be sitting in the menus, or taking a couple of stills for an hour. As soon as you switch to video – camera will let you know it was "overheating" all this time and can no longer film. Even power off. It puzzles me why won't Canon do a hybrid camera for all of us to eventually spend millions on RF glass?
  10. @Andrew Reid Sorry for re-posting, but you probably missed it – R5 does record 4K HQ via HDMI for 4 hours, not pixel binned.
  11. That topic has nothing to do with the issue: R5 in 4KHQ overheats while browsing menus and doesn't when filming externally without a card.
  12. Nope – that is 4K HQ being output to Ninja V for sure
  13. Same can be said Blackmagic Pocket, Sony FS5 or Komodo. You can also adapt without a focal reducer to a7S III, Panasonics, FX9 or use natively on Canon EF cameras. RF mount is not the only solution for EF glass – RED, Blackmagic, Sony & Panasonic with adapters all work with EF glass. "Ok so a lot wrong with this." "your statement is quite misguided and not very well thought out" – thanks for being so harsh without understanding my comments. I was talking about unique selling points of RF mount cameras: they are the only ones working with RF lenses.
  14. Why would I want an RF camera for besides using RF glass for it, which is full frame? That is the unique selling point of RF mount camera, how does crop sensor make any sense? Adapt EF lenses? Why not go for c200 then? Or may be a7S III, which is more capable and full frame? I chose my wording having that in mind: "no substitute for what R5 was promised to be" πŸ˜… R5 was supposed to be video all the way as well, and a proper RF camera too (Full Frame, just as the lenses).
  15. c200 sensor makes no sense for RF glass and there is no chance it can be stabilized in it's current form. I also doubt the camera will do stills. In other words – it's no substitute for what R5 was promised to be and can hardly satisfy those who want to go RF for video capture. Internal NDs are intriguing, they are probably placed instead of mechanical shutter. May be that has something to do with "two adapters have a new design and will not be compatible with current RF cameras"? Really wish it had full frame sensor at least, we'll see!
  16. I think it is possible Canon had several prototypes with slight differences, one of which had overheating problem mitigated. If so – this solution can theoretically be applied in 2-3 months, to have new units shipping with less overheating. It is also possible that the problem is not as bad as the overheating safety feature is. A couple of reviewers pointed out that R5 doesn't get too hot to the touch, as well as a7SIII feeling hotter. Of course that may be attributed to better insulation. In any case they have to address this if they want to sell more cameras to hybrid shooters. They don't risk loosing sales of their cinema cameras after all of this anyway XD On the other hand, I've read on canonrumors that they're planning to release RF cinema camera this year ... R5C ? πŸ˜„
  17. Not only by Canon fans mate, Sony shooter here. Criticism comes not from being a Canon fan, but from double standards.
  18. Rude replies are what you're best at πŸ˜„ In article images it says "oversampled", so presumably only oversampled 4K overheats. That oversampling is a toggle in the camera menu:
  19. To drive conversation a bit more towards cameras, Sonyalpharumors questioned the report: 1) Not so diligent journalist: A reliable Japanese source told me this: 2) Wrong Olympus new reporting: Just recently Bloomberg said Olympus was considering selling their camera division and misquoted an Olympus manager to support the story. Well also this β€œrumor” was debunked directly by Olympus.
  20. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-releases-financials-and-lays-out-advanced-eos-r-plans/?fbclid=IwAR0p-iQG09dDym6CRrOc7mEW9Ek_xDZ6VJ9HCldtL3JTmtcicQcFDMzGXrA Looks like Sony might delay a7S III once again πŸ˜„
  21. Can't wait for the Leica SL in the Scottish Highlands! We visited Scotland in January couple of years ago and got lucky with the weather for at least half of our stay having both sunny and snowy days.
  22. a73 description: FF in 24/25p; 1.2x Crop in 30p; Super 35 in 24/25/30p a74 description: FF, 1.2 Crop, Super 35 in 24/25/30p a7R4 description: Super 35, FF in 24/25/30p Phrasing is different from a73 and implies that a74 is capable of 24/25/30p in all three crop modes whereas a73 has separate frame size specified for 24/25p vs 30p. a74 recording modes are described literally the same way as a7R4 are in this table – does a7R4 have a crop for 30p?
  23. Heya Andrew! I think you misread the chart a bit whilst typing out the article: nowhere does it imply 1.2x crop for 30p for new a7, that is only mentioned for current a7 III (= Cheers!
  24. @Andrew Reid even though I do agree on Gizmodo's journalism quality, nonetheless it's still part of the same free-speech world all of us are in favor of. They are free to share publicly available info, it was also encouraged just days ago. @Video Hummus thanks for understanding mate! Weird someone could assume it's possible for a person to be that silly as well as manage getting through registration on a forum. @Shaocaholica https://gizmodo.com/why-is-apple-flexing-on-high-end-camera-company-red-ove-1837302653
  25. Still there for me, "sign a non-disparagement agreement" links here: https://www.eoshd.com/2019/08/jinni-tech-claims-red-compressed-raw-patent-filing-is-invalid/
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