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Sony a6100 and a6600 Announcement


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Quality of life updates for the A6000 and A6500 - Overall pretty underwhelming, however the lenses seem interesting. 

I may swap my A6300 for the A6600... But i'll prob just wait another 3 weeks for IBC. (A7sii was released at IBC in 2015) 

who woulda thought Sony would drop a 35 1.8 for FF and a 16 - 55 2.8 APSC In the same year ?

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It has an updated processor compared to the one in the 6500, according to the leaked promotional pamphlet. So it should perform better.

The main features as far as video are concerned is IBIS, which the 6400 does not have, and real time eye tracking in video (in the 6400 that feature is for stills only).

Basically a more capable version of the 6400 when it comes to video, but much the same when it comes to stills.

34 minutes ago, JurijTurnsek said:

A6600 is a flagship? Have they seen the Fuji XT3? The differences between A6100 and A6400 are so minute it hurts my brain. Why not simply reduce the price of A6400 and recoup the difference in higher volume sales?

The 6100 appears to be using the older version of Bionz X. 

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7 minutes ago, Oliver Daniel said:

Sony's AF is awesome for frequent gimbal users or Vloggers but the update on video features is making me fall asleep. Seems it's all being saved for the overdue A7S III. 

Pretty much

Sony still haven't offer a mirrorless with 4K60P while Fuji who is not a video powerhouse did it with their X-T3..

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Hard pass. Outside of improved AF and on the top end model a great LCD hinge, meh. Looks like the same rolling shutter and frame/bitrates as my now ancient a6300.

I agree with the comment above too, funny to see the 35/1.8 and a 2.8 APS-c zoom just months apart - something people have been screaming about for years.

The big winner after Sony goes the mild refresh route with more of the same - Canon. The new M6 looks really good in comparison.


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