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  1. With fuji making such advances in video so quickly, it would be nice if they better utilized their lenses to be great for video and photo. The 16mm and 23mm 1.4 with the focus clutch, and the X-T4 with IBIS, would make them great, versatile lenses if they weren't so loud and clunky. Hopefully they release a lens road map in early 2020.
  2. Pretty jacked up for this camera. The fact that fuji has turned into such a legit video brand, with no higher end video line to protect, gives me confidence in investing in them going forward. This would be my first dive into fuji, but all things point to this being a great all rounder. What lenses do fuji shooters recommend? I really wish fuji would update their older lenses to work better with autofocus, and less noisy. But I guess you could shoot them as manual focus lenses worst case.
  3. And they continue to role out that terrible body design year after year. What a job they have, here ya go boss, same as last year, well done. But the you tubers are going to praise this thing like crazy, and it will be painful to watch.
  4. Would love to hear your settings for the GX85 as well. Figure it would be similar to the G85 minus the cine like profiles obviously.
  5. How is the moire and aliasing in video? A real make or break for me. Also, how loud is the sound from the IBIS? Some reviews have mentioned a humming noise when using stabilization. I wonder if that may have been a reason to not include a mic jack. Force you to record audio externally, and not have to deal with the IBIS noise, but what do I know. I am waiting for your review Andrew before making the purchase.
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