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merry christmas


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I was about to create a post saying merry Christmas everyone, and decided to check first if someone did. 

You did. Merry Christmas guys, may 2019 bring us the first ever FF mirorrless 4K60p 10 bit IBIS DPAF camera :)we already know Panasonic won’t (no DPAF), and the canikon neither. Sony all hopes are on you to once again show the way, at least for specs.


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41 minutes ago, kaylee said:

i hope santa paws brings jasper lots of presents!!

heres an outtake from my holiday card shoot ?



wow your well organized  i commend you ( polite clapping )  i was lazy and went with gift cards. what type of dog, saint Bernard ? i kinda been looking for a new family pet / member, but i don't need any kind of working dog as they tend to chase the sheep around when they get bored and i'm not always home. so a lay around and not do much kinda dog is ok with me 

6 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

And Merry Christmas to you, and all the fine, upstanding people on here. Hmm , I am counting, 1.2.3......Hmm. ?



i'm glad that doesn't say bmp4k because you would see a grown man cry ?

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@leslie oh thank you!! Jasper is a St Bernard/Great Dane mix, sometimes called Saint Danes, Bernardanes... and other things lol. theyre not a recognized breed, but they SHOULD be.

Jasper is an angel – he really isnt like any dog I've ever met. And I love animals, but hes really exceptional.

He's the size of an adult man (176lbs with a 28" neck), so between his incomparable sweetness and his size, hes very human like in the things that he does... all the time. Like when he just puts his arm on you because youre petting him, and he doesnt want you to stop... its like a person. lol im kind of biased tho i rlly love that big guy

the thing he needs is attention, he just wants love and to be with his family. when i had to evacuate my home because of fire this year (dont worry my town was saved), Jasper was SUCh an angel when i had to drag him around for a week

and of course ppl love him wherever he goes. total strangers kiss him right on the face but he doesnt mind.

so, in conclusion, get yourself a saint dane for sure. hes my best friend. i started saying that when he was like 2 years old, as a joke, but hes 8 now and its not even a joke any more


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18 hours ago, kaylee said:

so, in conclusion, get yourself a saint dane for sure

I want an Irish Wolfhound, to match my own size. 

But first I'll need to stop living in an office in the downtown CBD! And get somewhere with a lawn. 


14 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:

Only 102 sleeps until NAB.

Only three sleeps away if you're on crack. 


9 hours ago, Inazuma said:

Merry Christmas. May you all receive NX2's this year. 

I fixed your typo for you. 


6 hours ago, Dogtown said:

Merry Christmas all! I hope everyone has a great 2019. EOSHD is pretty much my third website I visite everyday :)  

What are your first two?
For me: Facebook, then jwsoundgroup.net

4 hours ago, Grimor said:

I learned English thanks to this site (and pornhub too)

So I know all about dynamic range and horny milfs looking for a young pizza delivery guy.

I delivered a few pizzas last night. 
Was very disappointed to discover reality was not what was promised. 


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