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Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???

Trek of Joy

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Yeah their videos are a heck of a lot more thought out then the average, Oh I have to throw out a video every two days bunch. But it is more photo oriented than video, but that is changing more every year now. They are not afraid to be controvertible with reasonable proof to back it up..

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2 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:

I didn't spend every Saturday of my teenage years on demonstration marches against apartheid, racism, homophobia, social inequality and police corruption to then idly stand by when someone denigrates squirrels Don.

It would feel like a betrayal of my principles ;)


I am trying not to waste time on internet personas, rather exchange experience and knowledge on forums such this.

We gave too much importance (and time = money = they get all the money!) to mediocre wedding photographers and videographers, while the real filmakers just do their job, somewhere out there, without insta posts and tweets (or whatever the new trend on social media is).

Some people here know, it is a very hard work, you can work for days straight, needs physical and mental - and social - strengthness, and the last thing you care about  is to inform your followers how fantastic and amazing is to work in the film and video industry with the new (insert paid advertisement here) and use the (another one here), while looking gorgeous, fresh and well slept!

It is great for them (the youtube personas), glad ain't them!

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My advice is to ignore the titles of videos, and to only watch the ones that seem interesting.  They're a stills photography channel, I wouldn't bother watching if they had a video about something that only applied to a type of stills photography that didn't interest me.

In terms of squirrels, memory is different to attention span, but sure, I'll stop vilifying them publicly :)

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13 hours ago, thephoenix said:

real info is that it is coming on early 2019

Early 2019 they release more substantive information about the camera.  Maybe by mid 2019 or late 2019 they release the camera finally.

I heard a few theories (one by the Northrops too), saying that the 2 cameras have the sensors that are already on a few cameras now and that the corners or ends of cameras can ensure a few Megapixels to be added or subtracted to the final count. 

Also like @androidlad pointed out in an other thread, the A7iii sensor does have some superb potential, especially for photo. Even @Andrew Reid posted the new story on expected sensors on the new Sony A line cameras and some of those sensors could easily be doing 8k on professional video cameras as well.

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