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  1. This is what gives them the right to do whatever they want! https://vimeo.com/terms
  2. WTF, the 7" model is $1480..........
  3. I wonder how much of the later is still caused by user error!
  4. Your still talking like $800 for that, but I did see that they have a 5" version for those that want smaller. https://www.amazon.com/PortKeys-LH5T-Support-Control-Camera/dp/B07CFKVPXQ
  5. I might have to give them a try then, as the feature set looks very good given the price.
  6. A YouTuber I follow (Curtis Judd) mentioned he would be reviewing one of their monitors soon. Having never heard of the company I looked them up, and they seem almost to good to be true for the price. Has anyone used this monitor or one of the manufactures other monitors? Anyone ever heard of this brand, or is just like so many of the others a re-brand? https://www.amazon.com/PortKeys-HH7-Signal-1200nit-Monitor/dp/B07GRMJKJ1/
  7. Honestly, if someone goes out and drops $2500+ on a camera based solely on the opinions of reviewers who have only had it for a few hours that's their own fault. Either then have no common sense, or they have more money than brains!
  8. I also live in a large College town 130k-ish, not counting the 40-60k of students. I deal with a lot of interns and young new hires and this video is pretty much pinpoint accurate, with regards to how they act. However I disagree with him about how the companies and everyone else need to take care of them and help them. We don't need a nanny state, the 'kids' just need to learn life isn't always what they want it to be and that they need to deal with it and make the best of it they can.
  9. You can call it whatever you want. If I read what I think is hypocritical bs, then I'm going to call out who ever said it. I don't care who it is, no one gets a free pass. Now you are being somewhat disingenuous. You sell luts, and you have adds for them on every thread for them. The Forum and your articles (including the rants), drive page loads, and thus add views, it's SEO 101. So please don't try and act like your mother Teresa, or some benevolent parental figure who's just looking out for all of us Yes the forum has educational benefits as just about every other forum on the net does, but you are not the sole person people learn from here. Personally I've probably learned more from other members than I have from you. I know it's a different camera. However i think you missed the point ( @jonpais, and mine ), you didn't mention RS, and now you are saying you didn't mention it because in your opinion it "isn't problematic". DPR has a different view. https://***URL removed***/reviews/nikon-z7-first-impressions-review/7 Should DPR publish and article on their take on your "initial thoughts"?
  10. O please Andrew how are you any better? Its seems almost any time you think someone has slighted you, you lash out with self destructive negative behavior. As @Drew Allegre mentions the BM fiasco is a good example. Not to mention what I quoted above looks like nothing more than a tit for tat, attempt to make @jonpais look bad. IMO, you deserved to be called out what amounts to a "take down" piece about other reviewers not doing a good enough job, when you yourself didn't mention it in your initial piece/review either.
  11. I think it's more like beholden to the views/likes of the worlds Lemmings. Theoria comes off as an a-hole who feels the need to take a shot at whoever is better off then he is. The whole stick it to the man BS if you know what I mean. Imo, the only thing he is good at is presenting/reviewing gear that's rarely talked about, like tripods.
  12. That doesn't negate the fact that they can skew how the audience perceives a given individual or point of view, based on how a presenter frames questions or how a given editorial piece is edited. For example several press outlets "selectively" edited footage when Christopher Morris got into it with a secret service agent!
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