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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K


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12 hours ago, Stefan Antonescu said:

Andrew, any news on the Pocket 4K review ? I've been checking EOSHD twice a day for the past month. I can't wait to read your take on this little monster.

did you miss this ?



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18 hours ago, Stefan Antonescu said:

Of course not, but I'm waiting for the full review. The link you posted is more of a "first impressions" thingy. ?

technically its the only thingy so far, i took you literally, you should have been asking for an bmp4k update thingy then ?

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A question (if it could be asked in this thread): Does the P4K absolutely need Resolve 15, or earlier Resolve 12.5 could grade a bit (in a very basic way) its shots and then export / edit all in FCPX for example? I have an old Mac Mini, good for Resolve 12.5, but weak for version 15. My P4K should come soon.

PS: In searching the net about the option to make a Linux station with Resolve 15, this exchange between and Unknown and an Anonymous enlightened me not to go in that direction: ?



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Haha love it!

It depends how you shoot. If you're filming in ProRes, any software will do the job, but in my limited experience with RAW, you need Resolve to playback and grade. I'm not sure if 12.5 will be compatible with the RAW files out the new camera, but there are plenty around you could download and test out for yourself :)

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22 minutes ago, thephoenix said:

metabones seems a bit ahead when wide open

I was reading about this at another forum. Considering how the Viltrox typically is just as sharp as the Metabones on other M43 cameras, the running theory there is that it’s something to do with the coating on the speed boosters and Blackmagic’s sensor in the Pocket 4K. 

Still, I think either would work well enough overall. 

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4 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

What other speedbooster people recommend? I have the Dec Regain on order, but I do not like that you always have to use its handle, so I would probably buy another one, just in case.

You can control the aperture directly from the plug in receiver so you only need the handle if you want to do remote focus.

As the other speedboosters don't allow any sort of focus control on the P4K anyway it would be much of a muchness aside from the extra bulk of the plug in receiver.


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