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    Quarantine work

    Several unfinished projects I had to postpone due to the quaratine. But I took time now to made a video out of my casual stills during 2016-2020 period (and not them to be buried in some obscure and forgotten folder on my disks). So this is the result: What do you do nowadays in self-isolation? (And stay safe!)
  2. A few shorted manuals for DaVinci Resolve (the full manual is 3,200 pages long): The Beginner's Guide to DR 16 (444 pages, direct download here) Advanced Editing with DaVinci Resolve 15, Introduction to Fairlight Audio Post with DaVinci Resolve 15, Color Correction with DaVinci Resolve 16, Fusion Visual Effects with DaVinci Resolve 16 - manuals on this BMD page here. In these days of auto-isolation it is not bad to volve the pages of the manuals, something we never had enough time. - Stay safe.
  3. DaVinci Resolve 6.2 is out (lots of things, imo): https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/ What's new in DaVinci Resolve 16.2 Fairlight timeline editing toolset improvements. New mouse and keyboard based editing toolset. User adjustable per track scalable waveform display. Keyboard shortcut editing actions now include fade, cut, select and move. Support for alt/option dragging clips to create a clip copy. Support for pasting clips across timelines. Support for bouncing individual audio clips to files. Support for dragging audio clips
  4. Novim

    Fuji X-T4

    Perhaps it should've been named "X-T3 mark 2" since Fuji says it is a "sister camera" to T3 (with IBIS). And I don't see serious jump over my X-H1. On serious side: is it's video 10 or 8 bit, 4:2:0 or 4:2:2, internally or externally?
  5. Beg to differ, my experience is just the reverse one. With P4K (Braw) one can do what ones wants, go in both directions ("organic" vs "digital"); not with GH5. Yellow-red shift could depend on lenses, settings, lights etc. "Run & Gun" section also depends on what one is shooting.
  6. Dji Osmo Pocket is great little tool for events and video-notes around. A week ago I took it to the retrospective exhibition of Marina Abramovich, a leading conceptual performing artist, here in Belgrade's Museum of Contemporary Art (the exhibition was going around in many countries in Europe in the past 2 years). I made the video only in one shot (long 25 minutes); the lights, mixture of daily light through big museum windows and different lights inside, exhibition screens, reflectors, leds, etc., the light was impossible for shooting. Also big crowd going in all directions, on the opening d
  7. MOZA AirCross 2 (1Kg weight, 3.2Kg payload, the battery up to 12 hours, follow focus, two versions: Standard version with $429, and Professional kit with $499 which has three more items than standard version: Arca-Swiss Quick release Plate, Phone Holder, and iFocus-M, etc), and at 50" it seems BMPCC 4K is supported:
  8. A very interesting test of Rick Lang on BM forum (here) : a comparison between Q0 and Q5. One his conclusions: "Q0 versus Q5? Of course Q0 must be better because it’s a lot higher data rate. The design goal of the ‘Q' is a quality image and how could Q5 match Q0 with so much less data? In a word: it’s Blackmagic. Sometimes some elements in either Q5 or Q0 are ‘better’ than the other; it’s not a race in which one runner is in the lead throughout the race. Q5 makes some sacrifices that you can see, but it seems to have some less understood running style and I have to admit in this video, it emer
  9. We are on the similar line of thinking, it seems to me (subtle, almost "unnoticable", more unconscious-driven repetitions of little patterns). And, after you finish, let it remain for a day or two (or more, better), and than come back and give to it the "final cut". Your task is to find a shape to a mass of clips, to arrange a chaos, and also you could use, perhaps, the school so-called "3 minutes" rule (i.e. after every 3 minutes sequence put something diffrent, or begin a new sequence). - All I say is "theoretical", of course, and just suggestions, but sometimes it helps. ? Good luck!
  10. @kye Just a suggestion: find the clips that could be organized in repetition (like leit-motifs), it could help to the structure of the whole. Another suggestion: since in every artwork the meaningful end comes usually before the actual last element, find the end beforehand (I tend to have 2-3 endings, as a kind of a coda).
  11. It reminds me of The Borgias (Showtime TV series, 2011-13, with Jeremy Irons), which was good for the first 2 seasons, but in the 3rd went down into BS, and was cancelled abruptly. ?
  12. Novim

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Yeah, so I plan to get eGPU this summer. ?
  13. Lot of comparisons (cDNG / BRAW) here: https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=91802
  14. Novim

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Have you first (right-click) Change Clip Speed... ad change it, and then in Inspector do Retime and Scaling > Optical Flow, and Speed Warp (all in Edit page)? My MacMini 2018 has Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB, and it is also lousy GPU, not much better than yours on MBP, but it works (slowly, very slowly).
  15. Novim

    Davinci Resolve 16

    It's no longer there (since DR 15.2.2). But you can find Duplicata Current Timeline in the Edit page > click on timeline > Edit (in the menu). See link.
  16. Another blow to GoT: link. A coffee cup left on the table.
  17. Probably true. But anyway, the video (even so called documentary) could be a mixture of the real and the ilusion (in technical terms). An example: I work with 3 teams of my students - within the course on "Citizen Journalism and Video Reporting" - on some videos: topics are volunteers action (cleaning the neibourghood, helping hendicaped or older people, and similar). Students are supposed to shoot with their mobile phones, both the theme itself and to shoot them shooting the theme. Another team of students (and myself) also shoot in parallel with "pro" cameras (P4K, Canon 200C, Canon XC1
  18. It is some cheap (Hama) shoulder support. I bought it 2-3 years ago for some 10-15 euros. Now I can find only on this site (and it is 40 euros ?; it seems no longer produced so the price is way up). Retractable and easy to put into the bag, mounts in 5 seconds. Another example for shoulder support: And another one, when I want to go wild. ?
  19. Nice rig. I just prefer to keep it simple as often as I can. ?
  20. Why shoud anyone "has to accept" someone's style? I could accept that some DP is trying to have his or her "style" or "signature" (and everybode has a "signature", that is a lousy metaphor for "being creative"), but I could also see that "style" to be wrong or bad. Or, more pricisely, in this case I hardly can "see" anything, let alone a "style". Especially when he arrogantly accused viewers and their TVs for this failure. Real creators are humble and attentive both to their craft and their public. So, I wouldn't be so sure that this DP "obviously knows what he's doing" - he was a DP of a
  21. ≈ 360 min. And I was wrong before (I was looking at my CF2 128GB card). So, 4K DCI (4096x2160), BRAW Q0, 1TB ≈ 150 min. (Or ProRes 4K DCI HQ 1TB ≈ 170 min.) My apology. In theory one can make almost 2 feature movies with 1TB; in practise, for 1 feature movie 5-10 TB. (And if Kubrick resurects and starts shooting with the P4K, he would need 50 TB.)
  22. 4K DCI (4096x2160), BRAW Q0, 1TB ≈ 30-35 min. (Or ProRes 4K DCI HQ 1TB ≈ 30-35 min.) Start to reckon from here.
  23. Ronin S: heavy (1.8 Kg); Moza Air 2: heavy (1.6 Kg); Moza AirCross: light (0.9 Kg); Moza AirCross 2: light (0.95 Kg). All work or could work with the P4K. - And my own disclamer: I rarely use gimbals, only when absolutely necessary; they are generally PITA and waste of time; I always prefer some shoulder rig, ENG style, when weight is expected and even welcome (gives more stability).
  24. I'm also interested in the Moza AirCross. Here the P4K is listed in "Supported Cameras". Let us know your take on it. (And the new announced Moza AirCross 2 sounds interesting, too. Except its details are not known yet.)
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