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What camera do you want to see a review of next?

Andrew Reid

What camera do you want to see a review of next?  

77 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose camera -

    • Olympus E-M1 II
    • Sony A6500
    • Canon EOS M5
    • Canon 5D Mark IV
    • Panasonic G80/G85

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The image stabilization that the Olympus brings makes it a interesting option for when larger cameras are inconvenient, but you still require something that can work in less than ideal weather conditions. I would be curious to read a detailed review of this camera. You might also look into doing a review of the new DJI offerings. They seem to be innovating in ways the old guard are not.

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The E-M1 Mark II will be a really reliable solid camera... hardly any rolling shutter, vari-angle full function touchscreen, headphone jack... it beats anything... especially the A6500 in my book. The sensor stabilization is second to none, so it will be very interesting to see someone spending a little while with it exploring its video capabilities. Will the flat profile be flat enough? Will the video be better than what we're used to? Right now, basically we've seen tests by photographers... very unstylized uncinematic footage. This is the camera we need to know more about. I know it's 1999 EUR body only... but it might be the ultimate hybrid camera. Apart from the video features we'd like to have seen, but for that we'll have to wait for the GH5. There seems to be a tendency that people want to get results with least amount of effort and post-processing. Might this be it?

I kind of think the G80 is very interesting too. It has a few features in common with the E-M1 Mark II, but costs half the price, so it might be a very interesting option. Again, something for the people that might not need the more advanced video features but care more for the results than spending more money. Really don't care a bit about Sony right now... they need to get their shit together first. Basically an E-M1 Mark II with APS-C sensor would be great. Canon... there's no innovation going on there. And users are forced into the C-series if they want to have something workable. Nah. Not interested a bit.

-- Think the E-M1 Mark II should be availlable next week (thought I've seen 16.12 somewhere?) --- even better 'Erscheint am 10.12.2016'.

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I voted for the EM1.2 since its the first serious entry into the video world from Olympus, being a new player like the XT2, that's most interesting to me. The a6500 video is identical to the a6300, there's no difference from an imaging standpoint, and we've seen the IBIS in the a7rII for a year and a half. The Panasonic is a known commodity as well since the GX80/85 has been around for awhile. M5 is a mirrorless 80d, yawn. 5d4 is only meh.

Just my opinion.

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17 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

No, after the FS5 I am done with the bigger cameras, they are too fussy and a bit overkill.

Depends on what you're shooting. 

I've got an FS5 because I can have a small video camera with all the bells and whistles in small files sizes, or I can bolt it up to be an absolute production beast - perfectly suited to commercials and music videos. It's probably the most versatile camera on the market, hence why I bought it. 

Currently I'm circling around a Canon 1DX mk II to fill a gap in my services (photography, great gimbal cam and motion slider cam with DPAF at 4k60p). Still waiting on Part 2 of your review ;) 

I think you should look at what DJI doing, like someone mentioned. I'be got an X5R and use it mostly on the Osmo - it's a very liberating system in terms of ease of use and portability however I think the overall camera movement/ stabilisation and image monitoring needs work. The new DJI X5S and this upcoming "new professional Osmo" sounds tantalising - as a big improvement on the X5R version could be groundbreaking. 

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21 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Panasonic GH5 is coming soon but until then...

What should get my attention?

Sir Reid, you completely skipped the GX85 review, after Promising it (your preview was not a review). 

Could you compare the G85 with the GX85 for photos and video. I am guessing the GX85 may be better for video stabilization and the G85 for stills. 

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43 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

Just bought a Sony A6500. I don't care about polls.


Brilliantly contrary sir. Well played.

And the most interesting choice as well IMO as it might be the one where Sony get everything right, for me at least.

I've so very nearly bought both A7S's, both AR7s and the A6300 (as in been in the shop with the card poised) but always just stepped back at the last minute.

I reckon this one might be the one I finally go through with and make use of the lens adapters I'd already sprung for before backing out of the purchases!

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