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  1. As far as I understand, the Neway CT500HO is an OEM Ikan DH5e and you can have it for almost your budget in PV Deals. I am actually looking at that option or saving some more money and go for the SmallHD Focus, since it has a couple of attractive features for me like the anamorphic desqueeze or LUTs.
  2. Interesting mention. On my D750 I currently have a set of Ai-S primes from 20 to 105mm and a nifty AF-D 50 1.8, and I was thinking of getting a stabilized all-round zoom mostly for run n' gun doc, travel shit and casual stills but for a price similar to the Tamron 24-70, Sigma 24-105 or Nikon 24-120 here I can get the RX100 IV that could be used for that kind of stuff and also compliment the D750 as a B camera with nice Full HD HFR. Would that make sense?
  3. I've said something similar in another post: I've switched to Nikon after being a Lumix (GH2/4) user for 5 years (and having tested as well Canon, Olympus and Blackmagic cameras along the road). I've had the D750 for less than a year and I couldn't be happier with the image I can get with it, specially thanks to the delightful colors, wide dynamic range, reduced RS and unique DOF. Of course I miss some resolution, focus peaking (easily fixable with an external monitor), anamorphic modes, HFR and some other cool features but in the end, for the types of projects that I do (mostly low budge
  4. It's really that bad. But it's also really cheap and i use it a lot for stills with the D750 since the glass is pretty sharp and the AF amazingly fast for the price. For video I only use AI/S glass, because the focus feel is essential for my taste. Nonetheless I'd like to get a VR zoom lens as an all rounder for more casual stuff but I can't afford any of them right now... And I've been there myself regarding Nikon's image. I've had Canon, Panasonic, Olympus and Blackmagic cameras and there is something about the dynamic range, color and cleanness in that small but robust file
  5. Color look way better in the closer shots, so I guess that's the 5D Raw, and the A6300 has been used for the wider static shots.
  6. Thinking of getting one of this, or a pair. Sound decent enough, and I'm getting tired of sound syncing all the time. Thanks for the review.
  7. Still make sense to buy NX1? It will be my main camera for aprox 2 years for short narrative, some music vids, run n gun short docs and casual stills. Im planning to get it with the 16-50 S and use my Nikon Ai primes set. My other option is Nikon D750 with 24-120. I've had m43 cameras (gh2, bmpcc, gh4) for the last few years and id rather have something different now that I've sold all the native glass.
  8. F*CK! I really wanted to love this camera. I've just cancelled my A6300 pre-order. I can live with the awful RS since I'm mainly a tripod or gimbal man. I was also willing to tolerate the overheating if it was a long recording time issue. But I've read SO many cases of overheating appearing also in other circumstances that I'm finally giving up. I shoot mostly guerrilla narrative stuff, some music videos and run n gun docs, plus some occasional stills. Best image quality in a hybrid package is what I'm always looking for, but with some degree of reliability... So my choices for now
  9. I've seen gimbal samples that look good enough for me. I'll just have to wait for mine and check it myself.
  10. Hi guys. I'm still waiting for my pre-ordered A6300 and I'm getting some accesories. Quick question: Would a standard 15000mah power bank with 5v USB output work to power the camera? I've also bought a couple of spare batteries and a charger, but would like something a bit bigger as an alternative. Thanks!
  11. Hello Eduardo. Not many of us have got the A6300 yet. Based on specs and test footage only, I've sold my GH4 and pre-ordered the A6300 looking for better low light, better stills and tracking AF. But I might regret this later, who knows. I might have to wait a couple of weeks and see. The GH4 looked durable enough, and i guess it's more versatile considering it has better Full HD 60p, similar slow-motion performance, audio monitoring (headphones out), 4:3 mode, better rolling shutter.
  12. Just sold my GH4 and 14-140 in order to get a Nikon D750 (was considering NX1 for a while but price is too steep for a discontinued system). Looking for a bigger sensor and better usable DR & low light. Now I'm debating if i should wait for this sucker instead.
  13. Looks really good, Ed. Looking forward to seeing the short film.
  14. Hello Tito and everyone. Looking for a budget prime around 50/58mm lens to "match" my SLR Magic 35mm T1.4. when pairing it with Moller 32/2x and SLR Magic Rangefinder. Due to local availability and price I've narrowed the options to: Helios 44-2 58mm f2 and Nikon E 50mm 1.8. Which of those do you think that would match the SLR Magic 35mm better? I have a FD 55 1.2 that I love and use for spherical shots around that focal length, but since the front element is very big, there is major risk of scratching it when attaching the anamorphic. That's why I'm looking for a cheaper and smaller front el
  15. Thanks Francisco, I really like the footage you have there in that album. I finally got the Moller and sent it in for lubrication. I does work fine with the SLR Magic 35mm on the GH4. I'll see how I can deal with dual focus when its back from the service. Saludos desde Argentina ;)
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