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  1. Is it better to spring for an expensive monopod over a tripod? I haven’t used one before but question their ability to smoothly pan due to stability. On the otherhand, one leg is so much less conspicuous for impromptu setups which appeals to me. What sirui + head do people recommend?
  2. Thanks, i’m assuming this is the mark ii? And is the lens capable enough to be one’s main prime, or is it too niche? I really like the look of it. Weight is a bit of a concern but it’s so small, how problematic can it really be.
  3. Some other reviews on youtube are not as critical... I’ve even seen two seperate comparisons with the 35mm f1.4 that put the mitakon ahead in sharpness even at f4 and beyond.
  4. Hmm, seems to say it’s not a good all rounder but more of a specialized lens... I wouldn’t be shooting wide open all the time. It’s too bad Fuji’s f1.4 primes have issues like aperture chatter, it’s a challenge finding a low light normal lens.
  5. Can anyone recommend the Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95? Thinking of getting that over one of the fuji F2 primes.
  6. There’s a 15% off coupon on eBay tomorrow, that’s gonna be your best bet on an X-T3... especially if you don’t have to pay tax. Just make sure the warranty is there
  7. Ok. In any case I’m not going to rule out primes just because they aren’t stablized.
  8. What lenses are stabilized besides the 18-55 and 55-200? I’m also considering the latter though it’s variable aperture.
  9. I’m getting an x-t3 and switching over to fuji lenses— any must haves for video? Not really sure what else to get besides the kit lens, thinking maybe the 23mm f2.
  10. G85. Yeah the leica look is what drew me to it; a lot of online folk seem to want to sway you toward the lumix f1.7, but to me it's just not the same. For images it really does look superb, but for video I'm not sure yet, the sigma 30mm contemporary has that incredible sharpness throughout the frame.
  11. I just ordered the 25mm pana-leica f1.4, not sure if I'm having second thoughts or not but it was tough deciding between it and the sigma 30mm f1.4. I figure 25mm is the better more versatile focal length, but now that I'm looking at videos on youtube, the sigma seems to do better in lowlight/night shooting, with it seeming a tad noiser on the PL. Tough making decisions sometimes. I do prefer the rendering of the leica, and both seem to have excellent sharpness.
  12. Has anyone noticed slight hiccups while panning (firmware 1.1)? Not sure if I'm expecting too much of the IBIS, or if it's a result of my G85 arriving in a box with no packing.
  13. It certainly looks better, but to my unrefined eyes there's almost a rose-tinted effect going on.
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