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cameras from 2013 5d mark 3 raw and pocket are now obsolete for 4k??


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I hate this 4K 'revolution'. Manufacturers are out of ideas how to squeeze more money from us in the long term, so they shove 4K through our throats. Of course, after the 1st telephones and handycams start to shoot 4K, along will come 4K televisions and monitors.


99% of all the people I know still work on a 21 inch or smaller computer monitor with 1920x1080, but mostly even less. Almost everyone watches their series and movies on their 15" laptops or computer screens. 

Over the last 2-3 years, almost everyone has upgraded their old chunky televisions to huge 40-50" LED, flatscreen TV's.

Can't we just see that 'we are there' yet? Consumers don't need more than this. And the only thing we, as filmmakers, need is better 1080p with real 1080p resolution, higher DR and better colors and codecs.


My 42" Full HD TV is so damn sharp and colorful. Everyone who sees it for the 1st time says how nice it is. Also, I have never heard anyone after a visit to the cinema and watching a film on a 30 meter wide screen (shot on a 2K Alexa) say 'Nice movie, but Leonardo was not sharp enough'. 


They created a problem that doesn't exist, and now we all want it. And why not, it will be relatively cheap to get it. To answer your question, I don't know if 1080p camera's will become obsolete soon. I hope not. It depends on how film makers and broadcasters deal with it. I hope it will be 'rejected', just like happened to 3D. 


The problem is that 4K will become the new 'Megapixel'. People that have no knowledge about image quality throw these terms around like it means something. People will ask me in the near future if I can shoot their wedding in 4k, because uncle Harry bought a 4k camcorder for $500. Then we should be able to shoot 4k as well, right?


And there we go. Upgrading our camera's, our storage devices, our computers, our screens, our websites. All because of a problem that didn't exist in the 1st place.

And the funniest part? Our clients will watch our 4k produced film on their 15 inch 1366x768 screen.


Meh, this post actually need its own topic.

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I just watched one of my old DVDs this weekend. Not a Blu-Ray, just a plain standard definition DVD on a mid-2000s 720P TV. I got sucked into the movie. Never once noticed the lower resolution. Just saying.

I've still got loads of DVDs & very few Blu-Rays - I've even got a few films that look worse on Blu-Ray than on DVD.

If you remember the transition from SD to HD was a gradual one & not something that happened over night.

In TV Land it took them ages before filming in 1080 HD was a standard for every program & even now some footage is still shot in SD, then upscaled.

The apparent HD channels on TV aren't even Full HD for the most part in the UK, so 4K is a long way off being something deliverable.

So i don't see things going any faster for 4K, especially for the home market/TV/Internet.

Also, there are loads of films that have been shot 1080 & they look just fine.


4K as a necessity is still a long way off...& so the Pocket/MK3 are still v.good options.

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I say, let's wait until we can compare. Right now, the Sonysomething looks desperately videoish despite the downsampling - which makes me think DR doesn't automatically improve just so. And the ol' JVC makes the ugliest images you can imagine, even a soft HDV video from, say, FX-1, looks way more organic. Resolution isn't everything.

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Well I do think 4K is the right progression, for year we have high resolution for still but have to edit on tiny 2MP resolution monitor when stills goes up to 36MP and most phones do 8MP+.


But you never know what missing until u see 4K. Just like retina displays, I was surprised I can tell it straight away without knowing it was 4K resolution when I was checking in store.


So yeah FHD will fade just like SD before it, as laptops and mobile/tablet going for WQHD this year, FHD is not enough anymore.

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So we're 3 (three!) weeks into 2014 and you're telling me that the best cameras of 2013 have become obsolete now? 


F*ck... I just bought a Panasonic GH3. The camera was released in 2012. Does this mean that my GH3 is considered as a vintage camera now? 


If this is supposed to be a serious question, then please go ahead, spend all your money on the latest and greatest 4K camera, spend a ton of money on additional equipment and tell all your clients to upgrade their current screens to big-ass 4K screens. Oh, and please share the videos with us!


4K will be an improvement over the current stuff in some regards but it'll introduce new problems or amplify existing problems such as data storage, file sizes, editing hardware etc. 


If you feel like the stuff you're currently shooting with your 5D MkIII, BMPCC, GH2/GH3 or even your Canon 550D looks like crap and you're being held back by your equipment, then go out there and shoot a bit more and learn how your camera works. Lots of amazing stuff has been shot with cameras you're calling obsolete, and the stuff is amazing not because of the cameras that were used but because the people who used these cameras knew how to use them properly. 

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I have GH3 and 50 inch high end plasma tv. When watching GH3 1080P videos about 1-1,5 meters away those has not enough resolution to give perfect illusion of reality. It is even pretty far away from proper 1080P photo resolution. I am waiting for GH4 and 4K display because I feel it will be a significant improvement for me and for my videos. 4K is very welcome for me. It is time to step forward.


I have wondered why people want and like huge megapixel counts for photos but 1 megapixel video sharpness and quality with bad motion is OK for most.


What comes to original question it is of course true that best fullHD cameras are obsolete for 4k . Those are 2k. It is like can you edit a good bluray from DVD.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

I have been shooting in 4k and 5k for years now, and still haven't delivered a single project in 4k.
We are far from 4k being the standard medium. It will happen. But not yet.

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And last year was the year of 3d.


Oh yes, only then did we realize that our world was three-dimensional. You're right. I won't see anything in 2D anymore, let alone think about shooting something in 2D. Why don't we just skip all this slowly evolving improvements and demand 10k 3D 14-bit @ 120 fps now?

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