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    Playing with optics of any kind. Technical aspect of photography and videography.

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  1. That photo... Like handholding a rhino baby :D I absolutely love these kind of projects, please make some photos of the insides if possible. I was looking at ground glasses on ebay for the purpose of testing lens' projected image circle sizes. I have used wax paper for this purpose, it is not that clear but the image can be easily seen and measured. Sensor sizes can be drawn on.
  2. You don't need much power to cut, edit, color footage. You need a lot of power to render/encode your video. One solution would be to make an edit on your tablet and do the final encoding at home on a PC. I searched for android NLE apps, but all I could find was some automatic editors (why?) and some vfx apps. Android 4.0 had a video editor app, so it is possible. It could do basic cutting, trimming.
  3. Thank you, well the project is on pause. I am currently transitioning to Micro 4/3, I bought a GF1 and I am testing the lenses on it.
  4. Warp works for me this way (letterbox 1080p anamorphic): Create 1920x1080 sequence Add 1920x1080 anamorphic footage Add Warp stabilizer Desqueeze (reduce height)
  5. As far as I know these EdMika mounts are reversible conversions. You don't ruin your lens, you can always install the original back part of the lens, the FD mount. There are tutorial videos on youtube about it. You just have to unscrew 3-4 screws, remove the FD mount, install the EF mount, reinsert the screws.
  6. I hope many BMPCCs will pop up on ebay. Cheap, useless, obsolete BMPCCs.
  7. 1. $0 - I have my beautiful Helios lenses. 2. $300 Don't take these as an insult, that is just my budget. Are you thinking of a 49 or 52mm filter thread and adjustable alignment? What size are you planning for the adapter? Sizes like a Century anamorphic?
  8. He probably meant that bigger sensor = more shallow DoF which brings out the anamorphic characteristics, look
  9. I would want good 1080p first, like blackmagic prores 1080p and such for very low price. I think most of the first 4K consumer cameras will have some bullshit codec with low color depth, low bitrate and sharpening pushed to the max.
  10. Yes but that is not video mode, that is burst picture mode.
  11. Noone will release a firmware that allows only 10 seconds of 4K I think. I know about the V1 but it can only do that in raw image mode, no compression, no audio. You need to process and compress raw data for consumer 4K video. Even the better amateur filmmakers and even professionals suffer with raw workflow so that is clearly not an option for consumer 4K which we are talking about. The device needs to be built with component intended for 4K.
  12. 4K is four times as much data. Most dslrs do 1920x1080 by not reading out the whole sensor, but only 1920 colums and 1080 rows and skip the other lines in between so they use less pixels, less data (this causes moiré and aliasing). For 4K it would need to read out 2 times as much colums and 2 times as much rows of pixels. This is a lot of work. It would also need much much higher bitrate compression to achieve the same quality.
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