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  1. Hey Andrew, I'm posting this question here because I got no response when I e-mailed you. I purchased the guide on June 28 and I accidentally erased it from my computer. I was wondering if u could send me the link again? 
  2. Ok. When setting up sequence I go to custom and when I type my desired resolution and press enter it changes the corresponding res automatically. example: I type in 2592 for horizontal and it automatically takes the vertical down to something other than 1080. What am I doing wrong ?
  3. Thanks guys, though my main problem now is that when I export and try to crop it to 1920x816 it takes the horizontal down to 1440. For that matter, the software doesn't allow me to set up a sequence with custom aspect ratio to say, 2592x1080 without automatically bringing vertical res down to like 516. Very frustrated.
  4. Ok thanks guys. I have it in a 1920x1080 sequence and I stretched it 200%. Is there a way to crop the sides and still keep the 1080 vertical res? When I crop it to 816 it also takes the horizontal down I'd like to keep it at whatever the horizontal res when stretched 200% and also 1080, is this possible? Has anyone one here done this on Premiere pro lately?
  5. I really hope someone will give me an answer because I've tried every search I can think of and haven't had any luck. I bought the anamorphic guide from this website and while it was a wealth of info I'm still without a clue how the hell to make my 3.55:1 footage 2.40:1. I'm using premiere pro cs6, shooting with an isco optic 2x anamorphic adaptor and a gh2. I've read that it's possible to take the super widescreen image this combo produces and crop off the sides to make it a normal widescreen. How!? Cheers  
  6. That was great! I can't wait till the 13th, I got advanced screening tickets.
  7. I just got this Ultra star and unscrewed the bottom but cannot get the middle component to budge. I know this is the best place to ask for help and any would be greatly appreciated.
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