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  1. Fine, I will stop. Dictatorship is a very unique way to run a forum, but I hope it works out for you. Please delete my account, you stupid little cunt.
  2. Seriously? 4K, S35, 12 stops, simultaneously to two formats (inc RAW), interchangable sensors, 10" monitor, Pro I/Os etc etc How can that be considered too expensive at $6K!!!!!?? Twilight zone
  3. I really don't remember huge warnings about missing shots in your glowing review, last year. If someone is dumb enough to shoot an important shot without having a rough idea of what is left on the card, more fool them. I wouldn't blindly follow what a screen told me any, even on a GH4 or something. Like I said earlier, work out your GB per minute and keep a mental note, or add it to your field notes.... a PITA, sure... But has never once hindered me in any big way. If a shot were so important that it would cost me a client (I'm self employed, my job is pretty safe!), I would have a fresh SD card for that shot anyway. As someone predominately shooting aerial footage, I guess I am used to working things out in my head rather than on screen.... sometimes I cannot see battery warnings, so need to keep a mental track of flight time... Maybe that helps me work out the BMPCC too, but I don't think it should be make or break for anyone. Anyway, last night, BM said they are beta testing a new firmware... So hopefully it is fixed and they can then be seen as not turning their back on the indie market.
  4. Unless you absolutely need 4K, I don't see a huge rush to get either of these cameras. If you like to have a bit of re-framing room, just get a BMCC... Still the best bang for buck on the market, by some distance.
  5. I will never get the argument that FF is harder to focus.... Just stop down. Sure, you will need to push up the ISO, but you would on the 4/3 anyway, as the sensor doesn't gather as much light. With FF, you can easily match any DOF/Focal length of a m34 sensor. The opposite is not so easy. The only plus point for smaller sensors is getting a longer zoom, but then FF can go alot wider
  6. I don't really see the big concern about the lack of internal 4K on the Sony. Surely if you have something worth shooting in 4K, you will want to use an external recorder with the Gh4 too? And you will certainly need a large monitor to focus, so having a monitor/recorder bolted on will make little difference. I guess an argument can be made for recording 4K internally and then using it to create 1080p final output. But then you have to weigh up the convenience of that with what is likely to be a pretty big difference in low light and DR. Sacrfices, sacrifices. I think I will stick with the BMPCC and Canon 5D-RAW and see how all this pans out.
  7. "I think what he is saying is Panasonic actually finishes their low end products before pushing out newer high end products." -------------------------------------------------------------- I always thought this place was for the artist? The guy who will jump through hoops to get a beautiful image? The guy who will use a $200 Nikon to get a taste for 4K/Raw/60p? Now, all of a sudden, a couple of firmware glitches (that I also want fixed, but don't live or die by) coupled with the news of them pushing on with a new camera and they are "turning their back on the indie community"? In a perfect world, my £650 cinema camera would show me how much SD card I have left, but I just work out my GB per minute and guesstimate, erring on the cautious. As long as BM keeping giving me huge bangs for bucks, they'll keep getting my bucks... A bit of firmware angst and some new cameras wont change that. They are still firmly the great shining light of the indie community.
  8. "However the URSA is aimed at a large crew, large scale productions and in doing so completely turns its back on Blackmagic’s existing indie filmmaking user base." Wow, you really do come out with some absolute rubbish. You do realise the makers of your current flavour of the month, the GH4, also produce high end products? I just fired up my BMPCC, guess what, it still works. It still shoots 13 stops of DR, it is still a beautiful 1080p image, it will still be capable of making an amazing indie film and it costs £650. Yea, the firmware could be a bit fancier.... The day is still young. If they completely fix the firmware, next month, will they still have turned their back on you? My guess..... You are a little angry that they have dared to make something that doesn't interest you.
  9. Here's another one for you to think about, gotta love 1st day of NAB! http://www.aja.com/en/products/cion
  10. Considering the size of it, you would think it could handle 4K/60p Amazing for the price though. Not my cup of tea, but can see crew based productions taking this a bit more seriously than the other offerings.
  11. I love my BMPCC and have alot of time for the company, but they really do need to get their firmware in order if they want to be taken seriously.
  12. Anyone who has graded C300 footage will know that 8bit 4:2:2 isn't quite the hindrance that it is made out to be, when done well. It is a shame though, 10bit is pretty much perfect for almost every production.
  13. I've heard that it will be 4K/60p with better ergonomics. Priced at $6k.
  14. If the DR can be captured nicely in the 8bit/4:2:2, then it's not a big problem. This first video looks like it is capturing some really nice highlights. Banding would be my biggest concern. But yea, DR trumps everything, imho. GH4 still looks a bit lightweight (11 stops or so?), to me, but time will tell.
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