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  1. So... what do you think of Canon’s 250MP APS-C prototype? Is that a no-go, too? ‘Cause it looks incredible! And so does the 8K video camera that Canon took to many conferences too. Sure, it used four Odyssey 7Q recorders and 9 miles of cabling to make happen, but Canon 8K video you guys! And BIF on an APS-C sensor with 250MP!!! I have a hard time believing that Sony’s such a “winner “ at sensor performance with all these real-world Canon achievements.
  2. Chill out brah, there's no need to declare a state of emergency over this. If the a7r II is "DEFECTIVE" according to the strictness with with you are applying this definition, I can't think of a singe camera/camcorder that's ever not been "DEFECTIVE" for at least part of its shelf life. Every camera ever made-- especially groundbreaking cameras that offer a bunch of new features not available before-- have issues and quirks that need to be sorted out. Not that issues and quirks are completely acceptable, but what really matters instead is how it's handled. If Sony, or an ingenious filmmaker (like the guy who started this post), comes up with a workable solution, then great, no need to declare an emergency. But if Sony ignores this (which, should be pointed out, was the result of a stress test) and no one can figure a way around it, then you can freak out and type in caps all you want. Until then, be grateful you have the knowledge shared here and proceed accordingly. yeezus.
  3. [post edited by mtheory: "Please no more drama, and more on-topic discussions."]
  4. I wonder if BMC will put the Micro Studio 4K sensor in the Micro at some point? Seems feasible to me. I've never thought of 4K as necessary-- I've seen plenty of movies projected in 2K at the theater that looked great-- but maybe you have a point with the extreme wide shots in a drone. I don't have experience with that.
  5. Not so sure the 7D MKII is a stills camera either, unless you have a Canon fetish or can't stand using an adapter with betters cameras like Sony's E-mount APS-C and EF-mount full frame line-up. Check out this link to DXO where the 70D is compared to the D7100 and the a77 II. http://www.dxomark.com/Cameras/Compare/Side-by-side/Sony-SLT-Alpha-77-II-versus-Canon-EOS-70D-versus-Nikon-D7100___953_895_865 The sensor in the 7D MK II might use a new processor, but it is the same terrible sensor that is in the 70D. Canon gave up DR, ISO ability, etc., to implement the dual-pixel CMOS AF (which might have it's fans-- but at what a cost). The Nikon D7100 and the Sony a77 II both absolutely crush the the 70D in image quality (for stills and video). DXO isn't the end-all-be-all, but it's an arguablly fair place to start when assessing sensor performance. I think there are a number of other cameras that would easily best the 7D MK II as well, like the Sony a5100, a6000, new Fuji APS models, and so on. FWIW, the 7D is ranked number 127 rightn now on DXO's sensor raatings, and the 70D is ranked at number 108. The $300 Sony a3000 (something you'd give a child interested in photography) is ranked at number 58. http://www.dxomark.com/Cameras/Ratings Like other posters have said, I'm not a Canon basher either. I'm a... "WTF are you DOING Canon" commenter. I own EF glass, a DSLR, 2 of their video cameras, a few point and shoot cameras, and surely some other Canon gear. I haven't touched any of it in almost a year (except the EF glass- mounted to another camera). I don't want to see Canon to fall asleep at the wheel and run into the fast approaching brick wall that is Sony, Panasonic, Samsung(?!) and many others. Nikon, I'm legitimated concerned with you too, but you seem to still have a pulse (and that's another post). Deeply entrenched brand loyalty breeds apathy in the short term because Canon will still sees sales from prodcuts like the 7D MK II. These sales are really a result of decades and decades of goodwill-- that's not really on their books-- and not taken into enough consoderation by stockholders, IMHO. Apathy breeds (or goes hand in hand with) arrogance, ignorance and greed. In the last year alone I am willing to bet Canon's demographic has aged 5-8 years. That is not where you want to be in 2014, going forward. To any young person in the know who is looking for a new video/digital film camera with a semi-pro/enthusiast budget, the Sony FS7 seems to be it. I think that the FS7 (a VERY ballsy move on Sony's part), alone, has killed off most of Canon's ciinema line: C100/C300/C500/1DC. There are counter-arguments, but still. I want to be excited about the next release from Canon, not dreading another 2 year wait for a crippled half-a** effort. Where does Canon think their going to get their future video buyers? The stills-only crowd is only aging. From putting out what they claim to be hybrid (admit it) photo/DSLR cameras like the 7D MK II? No. Definitely not. I only took the time to write this long-a** post because I care about Canon based on all of their gear that has served me well in the past. IDK what to say though. Tyson Preyer
  6. Honestly, I'm just trying to help. People enjoy both reporting and opinion, so finding a subtle but attractive way to designate between the two might change the way people interpret your web log. I know what's opinon vs. news is clear to you-- but this group tends to mistake one for the other, takes it all personally and then **** flies. But I'll leave it at that. If you think I'm an ass and a moron for my suggestion, so be it. I can live with that. Again, I appreciate your site and I hope to see it grow in positive ways.
  7. I'm only posting this as a means that you might understand where (at least some) of the backlash is coming from. Try to go easy on yourself and ignore the bashing. The Internet is cruel like 3rd grade is cruel. But, because you- like most content creators on the internet- are not a credentialed/degreed journalist- there are certain things that you (and most others) don't know about reporting, but probably should. For instance, report facts only, and if it's opinion, then preface it by stating *clearly* that it is *your* opinion. It just won't work when you are both the reporter and the op-ed guy. For example, (not to belabor a point), how can you report fairly on BMD when you post the following quote the day BMD launches their new cameras: "Their [BMD] existing Cinema and Pocket Camera user base is lost. It’s over." It's fine to have an opinion, I'm not judging you. I'm often wrong myself, and I, too, get overexcited. But you need to find some way of separating opinion from news. When it's combined, some people lose their ****. I appreciate your site, your reporting, and these forums. I'm just trying to help out (as a non-biased member of any forum or fanboy of any manufacturer.
  8. Not trying to stir up things here, but I don't think BM imagines the Ursa as the *only* camera on set. It seems like it would be great on a tripod or maybe even hand held from the grip for certain shots. I think, however, that BM would expect there to be a lighter camera like their BMPC or a GH4, or whatever, to be used in addition to the Ursa, on gimbals and in all the places a small, light cameras work best. Since it's priced at $6K there's definitely room to add some smaller cameras to the budget, too.
  9. I actually think we're in agreement here. If you find the camera's features and support lacking (because you speculated they'd be better), then sell it and move on. It's fair to voice your concern/opinion, too-- I've purchased expensive cameras I wasn't happy with. But what I don't agree with is deriding and condemning an entire brand and proclaiming the death of an entire product line/segment simply due to a singular personal opinion. It's a little harsh and unfair at best. Just asking for people to take it easy and keep it all in perspective. I know it's frustrating but we're not children. Jeez. Also, sorry for misspelling "baybay." I know that's super annoying, too-- but spell check doesn't work on this site in my browser, so I'll paste this in word first before posting. :D
  10. I don't understand the incredible backlash here. No offense intended, but this piece reads like Andrew did in fact get fired from a job due to not changing the battery or media in a BMCC on time. Blackmagic gets 10x the criticism it derseves and about 1/4 the praise. Yes, they should have addressed their firmware issues before launching 2 new cameras at NAB. Yes, their customers are fair to expect support first for their cameras. But put it into perspective people. You can shoot incredible digital cinema with the three cameras they already had out. Whether the lack of in-camera card formatting or lack of time code, etc. are flaws that are so big to render the cameras not worth your money/time/etc.-- that's for you to decide. But I can handle the unaddreseds firmware issues in order to get the stunning imaging these cameras provide. If Blackmagic didn't offer these cameras, how much would you have to pay to get similar quality imaging out of another camera today, or a year ago? Also, if it wasn't for Blackmagic's innovation, I don't think we'd be seeing Sony, Panasonic and others making the moves they are right now. Their cameras and video cameras would liekly be crippled and less capable. That's how those compannies make money-- not by taking big risks (like the a7s) that potentially kills off their big money makers (like the FS-100, FS-700, etc.). Quotes like: "Their existing Cinema and Pocket Camera user base is lost. It’s over." "[BM] completely turns its back on [its] existing indie filmmaking user base." "[The] trend is to go smaller and lighter. This goes in complete opposite direction." (BM has done nothing but buck the trend with their cameras.) "It smacks of greed to go after the production market before you have even satisfied the indie crowd." (Greed? Just take a look at the Sony/Canon/Nikon financials as well as their business practices-- you might change your mind.) These quotes are not just someone's rather venomous opinion- but they do harm to the very companies and interests we should be looking out for as artists/hobbyists/filmmakers who desire immense quality at a relatively tiny price. Just chill y'all. Blackmagic shoud've adressed the firmware issues first, but don't overlook the incredible thech they're trying to bring us at very low prices (or declare their effort failed and futile). Nor should you be taking for granted the innovation they are driving. (In other words, stop throwing the babay out with the bathwater.) T
  11. How can there be this many posts with people complaining about the camera not having this or that? Isn't the fact that Sony apparently put out a consumer camera that shoots video with "image quality [ ] closer to the FS700 in 1080p than to a NEX 7 or A50" enough to justify a pause and a little congratulations Sony's way? If this review is true, I'm pretty stunned. To give some perspective of where I'm coming from, I own a bunch of Sony stuff- the a65, RX100, FS-100, FDR-AX100 and some others that put Sony's video quality in perspective: like the D800, BMPCC-- so to me this is really crazy news. I can't comment on the FS-700, but the FS-100 is similar, and it is an amazing camera. It's the only Sony I've used that produces video worth grading (IMHO). To the poster above who plays down the a6000's significance because the BMPCC is "only $350 more," come on, you should know as well as anyone that another $2,000 is sucked up by the BMPCC before you're satisfied to take it on a shoot. :) The video we were watching was with the a6000 and its kit lens. Anyway, maybe many of you aren't familiar with the years of garbage vide out of Sony's consumer products, but this is a big deal to me. I'm also now glad I didn't pick up one of the a7 cameras-- as tempting as there were/are.
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