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  1. "Brynjolfur featuring Beka Hoop - Chain Glass" in still my favorite from you Andrew, great stuff.
  2. ‚ÄčThe above comment is thee one, you can close the thread now. As a lover of movies that was raised on movies shot on film, I can tell. I can see the blown highlights of day scenes, I can see the cropped black bars that "emulates" anamorphic 35mm minus what makes it so magical along with the fake lens flare plugin that's put on top of every shot. The grain with film and the movement of it, all I have to do is point to Michael Mann's latest movie Black Hat. Go download the trailer, its there, the ghosting images of a digital sensor. Film improves movies of all like, just look at low budget B movies from the 70s and 80s, they carry a charm with them and character. Look at low budget B movies of today and it does not have lasting value cinematically say for a few exceptions. Not to come off too strong Andrew, but your distaste for film in this article is quite absurd, I had to balance it out. Digital is great, I don't doubt the benefits but it isn't film and that's OK. With the coming of time it will just be more prevalent in Hollywood with everything going digital, even the sets and props. With the rise of the independent digital movies(which is a good thing and a bad) its going to take some real effort to find the best among the mediocre, the loss of restriction is a good along with the bad. Then again that usually comes with better film makers out weighing the lesser, its just going to be hard for them to stand out among the sea of creators filming with their iphones in this youtube centric world of not being able to focus more then a few minutes on content. Along with the entries of short films on vimeo that don't scratch the itch that is film storytelling expression with their shallow depth of field and handheld shots because putting the camera on a tripod is "too old fashion" and everything must feel kinetic like the Bourne series right next to the sea of test videos for camera gear, almost outweighing films on that site... I'm ranting now so best to stop.
  3. That was very stupid. Form factor matters alot, theres a reason why its been the way it has for so long, not because it "looks" cool. It works, you hold a dslr and then you hold an old film camera or the equivalent shape. You will instantly notice the stability and comfort, along with the ability to use your other hands to do more things. Think of it this way, sure small is great, but there a reason why people have to rig it up, and guess what shape seems to work so well: Over the shoulder. A Progression to a more suitable design is great, it doesnt take away from their previous design either, if this doesnt work for you then check out the prior models.
  4. I am curious to see the picture profiles, the specs are quite amazing. You dont want a pro level camera? Buy the body. You want more? Buy the extender. I do wonder what the dynamic range will be like but 10-bit 4:2:2 is very impressive, my experience with color grading on h.264 is a pain. This really is a world camera, so many customizable switches is fantastic and welcomed. The only thing now is the price, as long as it isnt priced with the same mindset as canon style of thinking, im sure i'll be ok with it.
  5. Really? I found the music video very refreshing, interesting use of the Dogme 95 touches in it as well. 30 fps is not the standard for "cinema" but it worked great here for me, it adds that "other worldly" quality to it since my eyes are so used to 24 fps. *** Good stuff Andrew!
  6. Can't wait to see some test footage of this mysterious camera and your Cooke lens in action.
  7.   Interesting and true. Although I dont agree with alot of Canon's decisions your comment does make sense. Sure we can hope for all these things but it was not the design, and they dont see the benefit of it apparently from what they are releasing. So maybe its time to jump ship, go the BMCC or Digital Bolex route, or stick it out and compromise with these hybrid cameras? Its really up to us. We have so many options available now, its time to make a decision.
  8. 1080p 60fps with a global shutter at 13 stops would be all that is needed for average use. Dont really need anything higher then 1080p if it was to risk 13 stops and a global shutter.
  9.   Some really sound advice from tosvus:   ---------- You also have to take into affect that if you are going for Black Magic Cinema Camera that you'll have to get used to other caviats: SSD, RAW/Proress workflow in post, and you wont be able to deleted captured media via the BMCC, You'll have to do that with a pc. If you're just starting out dont go full BMCC unless you have the time and patience for it. If you dont have any eperience at all then get a t3i or GH2/G6 depending on the glass you want to get, these are reletively cheap now. I mean there's no reason to go full out if you dont really have experience as it can be overwhelming. Then later if you want raw you can get the Black Magic Pocket Cinema.
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