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  1. I gave Nikon a shot, and got good results, but I just still aesthetically prefer Panasonic, so I'm hoping to find someone here who might want to trade their G6 for a D5200. It will include 1 Nikon battery, 1 Vivitar battery, 1 Nikon charger, 1 neck strap, and the Nikon 18-55 3.5-5.6 kit lens. I also have two Nikon Nikkor Ai primes: 28mm 2.8 and 50mm 1.4. I'd also like to get the Panasonic 14mm 2.5 lens. If someone wants to buy instead of trade, well that's fine by me too.
  2. Hey guys! I'm looking to get into video work, and I'm trying to figure out which camera would best suit my needs. I'm looking for a camera with great stills as well as video. The 3 main contenders for me are panasonic's gh3 and g6 and Nikon's d5300. All of them offer full HD at 24 at 60fps, which is crucial for me. They also all have a 3.5mm jack for external microphone. These specs are similar, but Panasonic's seem to be better for video. If it was video alone, I would choose the Panasonic cameras. But, I'm also looking for great stills. Right now I have the sony a58, and I don't want any
  3. I'm starting to set myself up a small videography business: just a one-man-band doing local stuff - community group promos, weddings, etc. I'm still working on the website (www.lintelfilms.co.uk) and have just finished the 2nd draft of my promotional film. I'd really appreciate your feedback on the film. I don't mind at all if you are brutal!
  4. Panasonic GH2 hacked Moon Trial 5 hack, shot in 1080p HBR mode 25 fps (~ 60Mbps) Standard profile -2-2-2-2 Panasonic 14-42mm kitlens, OIS on. Looks like there are some dropped frames in the GH2 footage, did use a Sandisk 95MB/s card though... Panasonic G6 AVCHD 1080p 25 fps (24Mbps) Standard profile -5-5-5-5 Panasonic 14-42mm kitlens, OIS on. Everything shot with the same fixed white balance at 1/50s, various apertures but same on both camera's at all times. My first impressions: The G6 looks better to me. Better shadow detail and a bit more detail in the highlights. P
  5. This is a promotional reel I've just made for the small videography business I'm currently setting up (one-man-band doing local community organisations, weddings etc). Everything in it was shot on low-end/cheap cameras, several of which have been discussed and compared extensively on this forum over the last year or two. To boot, other than the Tokina 11-16mm all of the lenses were each bought for under $300. After a couple of enquiries about the gear I used for this reel, I've decided to add subtitles to show each camera (and lens) each shot was taken with. Just click the 'CC' button in t
  6. Two journeys, a plane into Macau, and the ferry to Kowloon, as the storm clouds come in. Panasonic G6, 20mm 1.7, neat video NR, ImpulZ LUTs Unfortunately the noise reduction means that banding is evident in the vimeo stream. It's a bit better if you download it. It got a nice review on Coconuts Hong Kong, which has never happened to me before. If you'll forgive me quoting my own good press! http://hongkong.coconuts.co/2014/08/08/video-fall-love-hong-kongs-typhoon-season-romanticised-wet-weather-treat
  7. Guest

    Small Eden

    Shot entirely on a G6. Edit and grade in FCPX. Nikkor manual lenses and tilt transformer. See Vimeo description for details.
  8. I hope I can get some good advice from you - at least I'm sure I'm at the right place here. Ever since the G6 came out I'm having an eye on it's price. Unfortunately rumour has it that it's not produced anymore and also price drop is stagnating. Because of that I'm thinking of getting it soon. If I had the money, I of course would go for the 14-140mm bundle as a start and later on buy one or two primes to complete the kit but 750€ for the kit is just more than I want/can affort. I was looking for more affordable alternatives for that lens but it seems there are none. So I thought why
  9. This is probably a stupid question but after an hour googling and looking through the manual I've come up short... I've got a G6 and am using exclusively for video. I've read it's good to keep the camera at "natural" -5, 0, -5, 0, and shutter speed at 1/50. I have NO IDEA how to set the shutter speed at 1/50. I see an option for everything from "2" to "4000". Is 1/50 the same as "50" on the G6? I'm sure this is a simple one. Sorry for my ignorance.
  10. Hi All Could you recommend a B roll camera to use alongside a Panasonic G6? My budget will allow for a second G6. but is this really necessary? Thanks in advance for your recommendations. Regards Shaun
  11. With advice from some of you, I picked up a G6 recently for corporate video work (actually replaced my Canon 6D with the G6 to save money). I thought I was getting a GH3, but due to an inventory error by keh I ended up with no GH3, so I picked up a G6 off Craigslist. This is my first experience with Micro Four Thirds. FWIW, first impressions from my first weekend of shooting: Ah, the joy of a camera from a manufacturer who cares about video!! Now that I've seen how video-friendly Panasonic can make these things, I'm even more dumfounded that other manufacturers don't do the same thing (De
  12. I've made the switch to M4/3 2 months ago. So far, couldn't be more happy, but then again I have done nothing but well-lit shoots or with plenty of daylight. But, in a few months I'll be shooting a few wedding videos again. Which means I'll be facing the challenges of shooting in low light. My Canon T3i did a decent job, even though going past 1250 ISO meant macroblocking and all kinds of ugly artifacts. The noise on my G6 is much less obnoxious, but it's still a lot less sensitive to light than my T3i. So, I'm looking for a solution to shoot lowlight and still stay within M4/3. Without h
  13. id love to hear g6 specific tips and tricks from my fellow owners!!! its day one for me with the camera; never owned a panny before so this is all new to me :o what do I need to know about this lil guy? :) one question right off the bat: so i see that 24p is available in avchd but not mp4 (?) whats the easy way to deal with avchd files on a mac running mavericks? no idea wtf is going on with the file structure/whatever. i have cs6 software btw P L E A S E H E L P G U Y S also, generally, id love to hear about what youre doing to make that g6 footage look more organic
  14. Hi,   This is my 1st post, I have been reading this forum for the last 6 months or so. I have owned a 2nd hand GH2 and found this site shortly after my purchase (I brought Andrew's GH2 shooters guide, very good!) but decided to upgrade manly because my GH2 is faulty and out of warranty. For the last few months I have been reading a deliberating on what camera to buy. I want to use it manly to make short films & shoot arty stuff but also like to use it as a camera. I have a 3 lenses: SLR Magic 12mm, Voigtlander Nokton 25mm & an old Olympus auto-s 50mm After considering the G6 o
  15. Hi Guys,   i love the g6 videoquality, specialy for aerial filming would this be a perfect solution (light and small but sharp picture). But with no live video output it is useless for me. Anyone know a camera with almost the same picturequality but not bigger then the g6 and a live videooutput. it doesn't matter if analog or hdmi. but it needs to be working even when i hit the record button.   maybe someone has an idea. i'm using the nex5 right now. gh3 is also nice, but a bit to big. maybe a bmpcc, but i would like to have the 50p, because i'm doing a lot of sport and car stuff
  16. Straight out of the camera... https://vimeo.com/72585046
  17. Just got a G6 and heading to Tokyo next week with the 12-35 and 20mm.  Anyone have suggestions for shooting flat/neutral on the G6?   I've been testing with -5, -5, -2, 0 on Natural.  But would love to hear what everyone else is doing and what's been working.  Just had the camera for a week now.    I am new to dslr shooting (I have shot 16mm film before), but I am targeting a cinema look in post.  I plan to shoot in 24p/AVCHD.  
  18. Hi -    I am v. basic photographer but want to learn...mostly travel/family etc...Would love to get a bit more serious and learn about video etc.   So...I currently have a Pana LX5 which I find generally nice.    I was going to upgrade to the RX100 II to get really great shots in a compact form for again, travel/family etc.   My first question is on a slightly different tangent...I am looking at non fixed lens cameras..And came down to NEX 6 vs Pana G6. Both seem to get pretty good universal reviews.   I guess on this forum most people would recomme
  19. Double-post. Moderator; please delete this:)
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