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  1. Straight out of the camera... https://vimeo.com/72585046
  2. Okey! Hoping something will happen if/when hacking oocures then.   Btw, here is the attachement again, something weird happend at my first post-attempt:P   [sharedmedia=core:attachments:609]
  3. Double-post. Moderator; please delete this:)
  4. Hi all! The Focus peaking on the G6 is as I understand, based on contrast. And it seems that is does its "focus peaking algorith" on the picture that is actually going to the card.   So when I film with a low-contrast flat look does the focus peaking is struggling. But with a high-constrast configuration it's a completely different peaking.   [attachment=609:focus peaking.jpg] I wish the focus peaking could do its job independent of the recording mode, with a configurable focus-peaking-sensitivity.   Does anyone know if there is a way to handle this focus-peaking-when-filming-with-a-flat-look challenge?
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