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  1. Hi Guys, just want to show you some car 2 car footage of the A7s i got last week. Filmed with a selfbuild brushless gimbal, canon 24-105 on a speebooster in aps-c cropmode. I'm pretty happy with this camera. if somebody want to see the real quality, here is the original file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1127100/zebraworkz/mydriver_car_to_car_selects.mp4?dl=1 cheers Marcus
  2. i did some 96fps filming in Berlin with a Skateboarder and my selfmade handheld gimbal. it's not that detailed than the fs700 slowmotion, but i like to have the possiblity to have 96fps in such a small body
  3. i found the videoquality of the gh3 still a bit better then the a6000. what would be interesting is how would the a6000 preform with the new anounced atomos ninja star. I defenatly love the finer grain of the a6000 and the more detail. overall color and feel of the picture is nicer then my gh3. but the sharpness is still not gh3 like, for me. Could be possible because i had a preproduction model. so share some videos ;)
  4. for the guys who doesn't want to download. here the a7r - a6000 footage maybe i will get the rx10 and ax100 for testing it for aerial filming. hopefully i can try out the a7s :)
  5. i was also surprised by the a6000. got the chance to filmed some aerials with it in arizona in february. first you see some aerials of the a7r to compare. Edit: sorry, looks like dropbox traffic is exceeded. i uploaded it on google drive: hope that works: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzhRNx6HFJXvR0ItT1lFTDlfQVk/edit?usp=sharing
  6. no that doesn't solve my issue. Because i want to fly 300-500meters away. I guess the wifi doesn#t work on that range properly.
  7. Hi Andrew, as you said, it's a perfect cam for aerial filming. But does it have live HDMI out while recording? Doesn't have to be hdmi, composite is also okay, but needs to be active while recording. otherwise it's almost useless for aerial work. I was a bit disappointed that the gx7 and the g6 doesn't have live video out while recording. So i'm using the GH3 now. But something lighter with same or better quality is always good :)
  8. Can't wait to use it on my Hexacopter :) perfect for that. And also for a small Brushless Handgimbal Setup.
  9.   this would work a the beginning, but i'm flying in ranges up to 500meters away. the wifi didn't handle that. also i could make inteferences with my rc remote because it's also using 2,4ghz.
  10. no problem. amazon is very good in taking stuff back :) the lcd is great for filming, but when you want to have a live picture while your gx7 is up in the air on your multikopter you want to see what you are filming. and that's only possible with a video output. on this we connect a vieo transmitter to send the videosignal down to our external monitor. i could use a small fpv cam and put it beside the gx7 but when changing the focal lenght you don't have the same framing. last possiblity is to point the small fpc cam on the gx7s lcd display. but this will make things bulkier.   Marcus
  11. f**k, the gx7 has the same problem then the g6. no hdmi live output. same for the video out. looks like i read some wron informations :( have to send it back.
  12. I ordered the GX7 now. they say it has live hdmi out and videoquality should be similar to the gh3. but no higher bitrates. but i can live with it if the quality is like the g6. I will tell you when i did the first test, hopefully tomorrow.
  13.   right. my solution will be to use a fpv camera and place it behind the screen. that's the only way i can use the camera in the air.
  14. Hi Guys,   i love the g6 videoquality, specialy for aerial filming would this be a perfect solution (light and small but sharp picture). But with no live video output it is useless for me. Anyone know a camera with almost the same picturequality but not bigger then the g6 and a live videooutput. it doesn't matter if analog or hdmi. but it needs to be working even when i hit the record button.   maybe someone has an idea. i'm using the nex5 right now. gh3 is also nice, but a bit to big. maybe a bmpcc, but i would like to have the 50p, because i'm doing a lot of sport and car stuff.   thanks Marcus
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