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  1. Great article and interesting topic. You should really do a series of these articles with different price brackets. 0-1000, 1000-2000 and so on. Question: How does the original a7s stack up today in this comparison. It is getting very cheap these days, and bring some advances in low light and usability compared to using ML. Even the a7s2 is dropping in price.
  2. I watched unsane last night and didn’t think it looked that bad - at the beginning. I actually though that it gave a certain docu style to it, and some parts even looked awesome to my eyes. Of course it didn’t look like a normal Hollywood movie - A bit like an art film, a filmSchool project or like a lot of other indies which have gone on to great reviews. In the last part of the movie it was like the picturestyle fell apart and the limitations of the phone became an distractions to the story. Tangerine was shot on a IPhone 5s and a Moondog adapter, and it looks great. To sum up: if you are planning on shooting weeding or the next charter in the Transformers saga then maybe your phone it not the camera you should choose. However, if you are working on an indie story-driven piece then I don’t think a phone is necesarraly the wrong choice. It gives the film a certain autentic look and then it all comes down to the storyline and style and working within it limitations. In the end, it is all about the story - and if your story isn’t good enough to be told through a phone then maybe one should spend more time improving the story, than thinking about getting a better camera. And if one doesn’t already own a camera the maybe the money is better spend on other movie-related items than on an expensive camera. Better to get a great story told with a IPhone, than not to get it told at all.
  3. Hi Andrew. Thanks for the review. I'm also interested in knowing how the Panasonic LX100 holds up agains the rx10 ii and the rx100 iv. Both in quality of 4K/1080p and low light performance. Having played with both, would you consider the lx100 a viable option - also considering the price of LX100 now is around £500 compared to £800/1100 for the sony's.
  4. Looks awesome - one of the best things i've seen in a long time. Looking forward to an in-depth journal documenting how you did everything ;) And looking forward to seen what you will come up with next.
  5. Thx Prefabsprout If the second image is a frame capture from the a6000 video. Then I personally thinks it looks really good. Sure, it is missing some of the fine details compared to the 3008x1688 pixel jpeg. However, it is lightyears ahead of any previous Sony model. How it compares to similar priced GH cameras I can't say. However, I am personally starting to get exited about this camera again. I hope Andrew will have time to do a full test of this little budget camera as soon as possible.
  6. @Andy Agree. And with Sony's newfound focus on quality video i'm kinda looking forward to see what the next RX100 (MK3) will be capable of.
  7. the a6000 footage and low-light capabilities looks amazing. Imagine if it just had the same codec as the new A7s - maybe next year in the a7000:) However, at these prices it still looks like a steal for the low-budget filmmaker.
  8. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but the owner of the video clearly states that this is a test of how far he is able to overexpose in the field and still get great image - it is not intended as a guide to get the best image quality. I don't think you can use this as a reference to your particular experience of the BMCC, and the owner of the video clearly doesn't agree with you critique of the camera as he seems thrilled about the quality and handling. Quote: "This is a test to show how far to the right I can expose my Blackmagic Cinema Camera when shooting 2.5k raw" + "PS. The camera rocks."
  9. come on guys - it is important to have dreams, even how unlikely they may seem :-)
  10. New versions of these cameras are expected to be announced tomorrow (27june). http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr5-first-images-of-the-rx1r-and-rx100mii-leaked/ I'm for one is really exited to see what innovation Sony have managed to cram into the new RX100 - I dream of no moire, 1,8 constant aperture and a better codec. Hopefully Sony have decided to rise to the challenge of the BMPCC.
  11. Very interesting turn of events. Although quite strange that 50D should produce this kind of results at high iso - when especially high iso performance has been one of the main criticitism of the 50D. At the time of the launch most reviewers claimed it was a step backward from other cameras of that generation. Maybe others with a 50d can confirm the performance. ML should start selling rebranded canon cameras - in my mind they deserve the profit much more than canon :-)
  12.   Just the kind of feedback i was looking for - it is always great to hear real life experiences from someone who have used it mainly as a filmmaking tool. It does sound like a great little camera, despite its shortcomings. One can always hope for a faster lens at longer focal lenghts in the next version, but that update is proberly not just around the corner.      Thx
  13.   My post got somewhat hidden away due to the "first-post-are-moderated" rule. So i'm just bringing it to the attention of the tread (one time only). Sorry for the inconvenience. Thx
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