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  1. I'm starting to set myself up a small videography business: just a one-man-band doing local stuff - community group promos, weddings, etc. I'm still working on the website (www.lintelfilms.co.uk) and have just finished the 2nd draft of my promotional film. I'd really appreciate your feedback on the film. I don't mind at all if you are brutal!
  2. This is a promotional reel I've just made for the small videography business I'm currently setting up (one-man-band doing local community organisations, weddings etc). Everything in it was shot on low-end/cheap cameras, several of which have been discussed and compared extensively on this forum over the last year or two. To boot, other than the Tokina 11-16mm all of the lenses were each bought for under $300. After a couple of enquiries about the gear I used for this reel, I've decided to add subtitles to show each camera (and lens) each shot was taken with. Just click the 'CC' button in the Vimeo play bar to turn the subtitles on. I'd welcome feedback on my reel, but this is mainly posted here in the hope it might be of use to others: Sorry the subtitles aren't synched perfectly to each edit (it's not easy with Amara). You'll work it out though I hope ...
  3. Hi, I've just finished a shoot for a UK based car show, focused on the VAG scene.   I focused my efforts on emphasising the social side of these events.  I shot on a 600D (with Magic Lantern, for zebras), and used a mixture of the 50mm 1.8 and the Sigma 30mm 1.4. With a few 18-55mm kit lens shots thrown in for wides.   http://vimeo.com/77848159   Whilst the kit's very modest, I'd be interested to hear any feedback. I'm looking to sell my 600D early next year and upgrade to a 5D MKIII. Keeping the 50mm 1.8, and adding Tokina 16-28mm 2.8 PRO FX for the super wide angle shots, and possibly a Canon 85mm 1.8 for the nice closeup textural stuff. A big push for the upgrade is the sensor size, to allow me to go wider. and the low light performance. As, currently I struggle to go past 800. And even at 800 there's a fair amount of grain.   Any thoughts on the video, and my incoming kit upgrade would be ace :)   Huge thanks in advance.
  4. http://vimeo.com/74613572   My serene short macro film.   Mostly shot on Pentax-A 100mm f4 macro, with very close up shots using a reversed Sigma 24mm f2.8 super wide II.   I used my k-5 for tests and stills, but used a Canon 600d with Technicolor cinestyle installed for the actual shoot, as the dynamic range is greater, and it has manual controls. The lenses are attached using a canon-pentax adapter, which can be bought from Ebay for £10/$15.   To get closer I used a set of 50mm extension tubes, and sometimes used the Canon 600D’s 3x digital zoom (which is still full 1080p HD, a useful feature and no extra depth of field loss!)   The film itself is rather light on narrative; it’s just a progression of – hopefully!  â€“ interesting shots.   Hope you like it. I’m happy to answer questions on how I did specific shots and it’s always good to get feedback.  
  5. A dark fashion mood piece for Paris Couture show... Retro grunge horror style and Lynchian lunacy   https://vimeo.com/69454379
  6. Hi, I have kind of problem with my video, I think. It's hard to describe it, so watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhLb2VCYUak and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCwKMco1VMo I think the video quality is terrible. I used auto focus but then I tune the focus by my hand because I know the auto focus is not very good. So I think the problem must be somewhere else. I have only kit lenses, that means the 18-55mm and 50mm f1.8. The first video was shot with the 18-55mm and the second with 50mm. I really don't know what to do with this. Can anyone help me please? Thank you in advance and sorry for my English.
  7. 'BOB - Last Day of an Endless Summer' tells the love story of a man and his 12 year companion.   Shot on the Canon EOS 600D w/ Zeiss Contax Primes.   https://vimeo.com/64921451   PRODUCTION red penguin films www.rpfilms.de   DIRECTOR Sebastian Peters   CAMERA Markus Haken markushaken.com   MUSIC Born Ruffians - Needle bornruffians.com
  8. Mosaic engineering have released VAF-TXi anti-aliasing / anti-moiré filter for Canon T2i (550D), T3i (600D), & T4i (650D). Designed to cut down aliasing, moire and false detail, resulting in a much better picture. http://store.mosaicengineering.com/VAF-TXi-Moire-Aliasing-Filter_p_14.html you can see Andrew's example of the version for 5D here:http://www.eoshd.com/content/7120/canon-5d-mark-ii-mosaic-engineering-vaf-5d2-anti-aliasing-filter-review I have mine on the way, I'll let y'all know how it works ;) JG
  9. Hello everyone   Watch short 600d test video. Hand held and than stabilized in sony vegas. I stabilized it in mercalli v2, and it is even worse. Problem is not in shaky video, but in, I dont know how to call it – high frequency trembling that you notice, particularly in stabilized video. This shivering, or sometimes slower “breathing or hearbeats" of video looks to me more like some weird distortions of whole image than regular shaky video. As I noticed this in my videos, I sometimes notice it in some others on the web also. Does anyone knows what is this and how to avoid it next time?   My video: http://youtu.be/B2FOLHmn5Qw   Also I noticed something similar in this video vimeo.com   >  /groups/600d/videos/55359162 Its a short cut, but notice what the cup is doing on 21 seconds mark.     My setup is: 600d magic lantern flaat 10 1080p 25fps 18-55 IS II IS off   edited in sony vegas pro 10 rendered as: Sony AVC High definition (1920x1080)
  10. Hi guys, this was shot on a canon 600D in the space of a day, would love to know what you think. Director: Liam Upton DoP: Andy Hynes www.twitter.com/LiamUptonFilms http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6plHavCXr8
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