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  1. Hi! I would like to buy a VAF filter for my 70D. EU countries please to avoid import duties. Thanks.
  2. For sale a like new VAF50D mosaic engineering anti aliasing flter, make an offer please! New import from USA to France is 350e with import taxes, crazy expensive but so important for having a perfect picture when RAW recording with the 50D, and the difference is clearly noticeable, you can have it right now for way less, international shipping, just dare give an offer and i'll let you know Thank you.
  3. FS (for sale) VAF-50D Mosaic Engineering anti aliasing and moire filter for CANON 50D 220e / 250usd free shipping from France, paypal payment. send me private message if possible.
  4. Marco

    A7s moire?

    This is a frame taken by my Sony A7s with PP4 25p Full frame Take a look at the tie. The picture speaks for itself. I thought that the A7s didn't have aliasing and moire, at least not in FF 25p mode!
  5. No official prices announced. Estimated between 300 - 400 $.
  6. As many of you will have noticed, our little precious is prone to moire, not only in raw. I have gone a long way to overcome all problems with this beast, but moire makes me sick to a point where I just want to sell the whole bundle and just stick to my G6. However, the more I compare my most felicitous test shots to what I knew before, I know I would regret it forever. It's time to address the issue. When I bought the Pocket, I reckoned the Sigma 18-35 with the Metabones BMPCC Speedbooster could substitute all my MFT lenses, and I sold them all (now only own the 14-42mm G6 kit len
  7. Review by Michael Hession at Gizmodo gizmodo.com/canon-70d-review-dslr-video-nirvana-comes-more-into-fo-1444911115 "Unfortunately, for Canon and its many excited customers, the 70D stops there when it comes to offering video shooters anything new. The video quality is not improved one bit over previous models. It still exhibits significant moire distortion in certain subjects, and just looks a bit muddy in finely detailed shots. True, it's no worse than every other DSLR out there except the very top end—the 5D Mark III and Nikon D800. But still, we should expect some kind of quality improv
  8. I was out and about the other day and saw some fellow filming with a very odd thing in his camera hotshoe.   It was a small motor with a small eccentric weight which gently vibrated the camera at some set speed. He explained that is was a cheap (<£10) way of ridding moire from his footage.   I thought he was maybe quite mad, but later found that Pentax are using their in-body stabilisation to perform the same function.   How weird is that?
  9. This problem is rather hard to describe. Just trying to figure out if I have a defective unit, or if this is common to all NEX-5n's.  Here's a video sample.  Read my comments to know what to look for.   Please let me know if you've had the same issues.    https://vimeo.com/59504237
  10. Here is my test I did today.  There are a few notes to be aware of:   1) There is moire evident when set at 0 (roof of the pavilion).  At -5 there is none, although the compression of youtube introduces moire. 2) Excessive sharpening in post is akin to sharpening in-camera by re-introducing moire.  Not only that but it also exacerbates banding as well.  The last shot of the sunset, you can see a sort of "pulsing" wave above the sun.  This is not present in either the 0 or -5 setting, although you can see some banding in the 0 setting. 3) There is a lot of nois
  11. Mosaic engineering have released VAF-TXi anti-aliasing / anti-moiré filter for Canon T2i (550D), T3i (600D), & T4i (650D). Designed to cut down aliasing, moire and false detail, resulting in a much better picture. http://store.mosaicengineering.com/VAF-TXi-Moire-Aliasing-Filter_p_14.html you can see Andrew's example of the version for 5D here:http://www.eoshd.com/content/7120/canon-5d-mark-ii-mosaic-engineering-vaf-5d2-anti-aliasing-filter-review I have mine on the way, I'll let y'all know how it works ;) JG
  12. [url="http://mosaicengineering.com/products/vaf/d800.html"]http://mosaicengineering.com/products/vaf/d800.html[/url] Mosaic Engineering have their AA Filter for the D800 is now available. $385, same price as the 5D2. Hopefully there will be some tests posted on vimeo soon. GREAT NEWS!
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