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  1. Those streets at night are pretty dark - my guess is he's shooting at 800. He's also getting a long depth of field there so it could even be 1600. Either way it's looking good for night. And please do come to Melbourne soon :D
  2. The rig is Lanparte: mattebox, FF, cage, and steel rods. Isn't it
  3. Komputerbay 64GB X1000. Haven't speed tested it yet, awaiting USB3 reader.
  4. Even at 23.976 recording stopped after 30 seconds. 
  5. 2.35:1 @ 2000x852 was possible but not continuous. Will try 2nd card soon...
  6. It's still locked to 1584x892 and when I zoom in I get around 77 frames before it stops. The screen turns pink when zoomed in too, but I don't believe this affects the recorded image.
  7. I did a quick test earlier with Gregory's latest build, and I got an average of 69MB/s. One star continuous after initial recording, no dropped frames. Using Komputerbay 64GB 1000X card
  8.   I just realised I was using Smeangol's build, now I'm using Gregory's build and am getting 1592x896.  Cheers
  9. Awesome! Thanks! ILY!  I'm getting no dropped frames at 1280x720, how do I increase the size to exactly 1592x896? I'm keen to use my la7200 for some anamorphic shots :D Thanks again Julian
  10. I've just received my Komputerbay 1000X 64gb cards and I'm testing the build, but how do I set the fps? I believe it's recording at 29.98fps. Any help? :S Cheers
  11. I thought the 50D footage was on par with the 5D3, or was it the mark II?
  12.   I liked the skipped frames. With the music it seemed like a stylistic choice, almost like Gondry's Star Guitar music video. I did note the bus was a bit 'wobbly'. Any chance the rolling shutter could be improved with future builds? But mainly, GREAT WORK JULIAN!
  13. G'Day Rob, first off AWESOME work! I too have a D800 and are waiting for the latest BMC. I was wondering if you could do some sort of a tutorial of your grading technique because it's so stunning. The warm style looks great so I'd say you can keep leaning to it :D  Cheers
  14. The lens' stabilization was on and even though it appears to have done a great job, I'm still apprehensive of the rolling shutter. I'd like to see some test comparisons, but overall the picture looks awesome and filmic, which is the main issue I guess :D
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