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  1. Those streets at night are pretty dark - my guess is he's shooting at 800. He's also getting a long depth of field there so it could even be 1600. Either way it's looking good for night. And please do come to Melbourne soon :D
  2. The rig is Lanparte: mattebox, FF, cage, and steel rods. Isn't it
  3. Komputerbay 64GB X1000. Haven't speed tested it yet, awaiting USB3 reader.
  4. Even at 23.976 recording stopped after 30 seconds. 
  5. 2.35:1 @ 2000x852 was possible but not continuous. Will try 2nd card soon...
  6. It's still locked to 1584x892 and when I zoom in I get around 77 frames before it stops. The screen turns pink when zoomed in too, but I don't believe this affects the recorded image.
  7. I did a quick test earlier with Gregory's latest build, and I got an average of 69MB/s. One star continuous after initial recording, no dropped frames. Using Komputerbay 64GB 1000X card
  8.   I just realised I was using Smeangol's build, now I'm using Gregory's build and am getting 1592x896.  Cheers
  9. Awesome! Thanks! ILY!  I'm getting no dropped frames at 1280x720, how do I increase the size to exactly 1592x896? I'm keen to use my la7200 for some anamorphic shots :D Thanks again Julian
  10. I've just received my Komputerbay 1000X 64gb cards and I'm testing the build, but how do I set the fps? I believe it's recording at 29.98fps. Any help? :S Cheers
  11. I thought the 50D footage was on par with the 5D3, or was it the mark II?
  12.   I liked the skipped frames. With the music it seemed like a stylistic choice, almost like Gondry's Star Guitar music video. I did note the bus was a bit 'wobbly'. Any chance the rolling shutter could be improved with future builds? But mainly, GREAT WORK JULIAN!
  13. G'Day Rob, first off AWESOME work! I too have a D800 and are waiting for the latest BMC. I was wondering if you could do some sort of a tutorial of your grading technique because it's so stunning. The warm style looks great so I'd say you can keep leaning to it :D  Cheers
  14. The lens' stabilization was on and even though it appears to have done a great job, I'm still apprehensive of the rolling shutter. I'd like to see some test comparisons, but overall the picture looks awesome and filmic, which is the main issue I guess :D
  15. I'm searching for a +.50 diopter for the la7200, I figured I'd do with the Cokin P series for the +1
  16. Would this be suitable for the la7200?  http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rare-0-5-diopter-with-72mm-rear-thread-for-anamorphic-lenses-gets-you-closer-/230964479967?pt=UK_CamerasPhoto_CameraAccessories_CameraLensesFilters_JN&hash=item35c68e47df&_uhb=1#ht_500wt_1166
  17. Why not screw the diopter to the la7200's 72mm thread? Is it so you can quickly change diopters?
  18. Blanche have a read of the DSLR guide by Ryan Koo http://nofilmschool.com/dslr/ It's simple with some great tips, definitely worth a read
  19. Can anybody tell me what the difference between 12 and 13 stops of dynamic range are likely to be?
  20. So the BM Production 4K camera is EF mount, not M43 (makes sense), but have they fixed the flange distance issues?
  21. Great idea. Keep up the awesome work :D
  22. Andrew, you really know how to use music & editing to affect the viewer! Is it just me or was there some rolling shutter issues with the boxer's movements, around 0.45?
  23. Andrew - have you done a review of the ReWo ring rig? Seems like the best rig for it at the moment and I'd be keen to hear your thoughts on it. :)
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