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  1. Price list of what I paid for these. He no longer makes them but will upgrade them to the new Clavius lens set. Negotiable within reason. 58mm base Trump lens. ( Comes with, aperture discs and optical modules) $3000CAD / ea 28mm - $2500CAD 38mm - $2500CAD 88mm - $1500CAD
  2. Thinking of selling my Trump set. 2x Trump base lenses (58mm) swappable Fmount and PL mount. And the second one is EF mount which I have a PL converter for as well 1x 28mm 1x 38mm 1x 88mm I really don't want to sell them but they don't get any use sitting in the cabinet. Would rather they go to someone who will use them. When I get home I'll upload some photos and try to figure out a price. Just feeling this out right now if there is any interest. Thanks Rob
  3. This would be sweet, they can totally do it but their service has to come up in quality a bit if they are going to service a larger market of cameras. The x7s raw is beautiful, even their 10bit h265 is wonderful to grade. It's surprising how much difference this makes. I can't wait to see prores raw in something.
  4. Hi everyone. I was looking at getting the Kinefinity Mavo LF but the more I see the soft highspeed footage I'm getting concerned using this for elements, green screen and VFX shooting. Then came the Red gemini, great for anamorphic and good highspeed modes. It's quite expensive but I'm hoping it rents enough to justify it.
  5. Pretty bad when a tiny drone like the mavic pro 2 has 10bit h265 in it.
  6. I'm more interested in the 5k Terra. Size is what I'm mainly looking for. I don't use my kinemini 4k as much as I'd like. I'm going 5k cause of the global shutter and the option to use rolling for more DR. The kinemax has more resolution and higher DR at reduced resolutions. This is what I like about kinefinity. You can have this, or this with trade offs etc. Awesome
  7. Im not going to read the pages and pages of wining going on here from people who have not owned a camera from kinefinity so please forgive me if I say something thats already been covered. Kinefinity is totally a reliable company. I actually get great access to support online and they have been very open to suggestions. They added an anamorphic mode within 2 versions of the firmware. Kinestation is great, their codecs are great KRW is a lossless format that can be converted directly back to DNG (if its not shot in highspeed mode which is 4:4:4 not raw. I would say they push their cameras
  8. Oh I still have it but this is the legendary 36!
  9. I had a dell 4k monitor for a week and checked out the original file. It looked really nice. I did notice some heavy noise in the blacks like in the hair. Now viewing it on a dream color in HD all that noise is hidden and it really doesnt do it the image justice. Lots of nice detail I just hope that noise is handled well in this camera.
  10. I find the cineform workflow to be better then converting to prores or the R3D workflow. I was able to edit a 4k spot on my laptop which is impressive. Editing 2k in realtime and 4k was useable but very good. Even in my post apps like nuke cineform is supported, Im trying to get them to add it into the 64bit versions because they are updating the codec supported. (4k right now crashes due to the 32bit qt helper not being able to handle it.
  11. This is great stuff to know Andrew thanks for the information. This is the area where I need to keep on top of for work and for myself when starting with a lower quality video its very important to keep what detail was available in the source footage. The image you posted with the issue resolved...looks awesome. I know Avid announced changees to DnxHD to include 2k, 4k and 6k but Im not sure when this is going to be available.
  12. Andrew Im glad you are looking into nikons again. I do love them and used the D810 recently so I can agree it does feel like a much better version of the D800 camera. The video, stills and the Group focus points all are really great. I wish the value of my D800 wasnt so low now or Id sell and upgrade. As for nikon hackers I do hope they get some great advances soon. The Nikon bodies have the ability to write a lot of data to cards and buffers very quickly. Especially as Ive been saying with the XQD cards they are unbelievably fast. I have kind of given up on the DSLR Video stuff but l
  13. its great and the price is amazing. I do wish they went full 4k which has always been 4096 for me anyways. My monitor setup is getting close to needing an update too. Samsung at it again. Great stuff
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