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  1. So here's an odd one. It's a full feature film I directed, produced and shot back in 2012, shot completely on the trusty old Canon 550D. I released it recently online. The movie is a moody post-apocalypse tale about a man looking to redeem his past mistakes in a ruined world. It was heavily influenced by James Dickey's novel "To the white sea", in that both portray an existential struggle of a man who's teetering on the edge of humanity, trying to survive in a hostile environment. Visually I wanted the film to be reminiscent of Nicholas Winding Refn films, especially Valhalla Rising, and Tarkovsky's Stalker, especially when it came to tracking shots etc. We shot the movie in about one month in the summer of 2012. The crew was mostly myself alone with the actors, and the gear consisted of a 550D, a few lenses (EF50 1.8, Samyang 85 1.4 and a Vivitar 28 2.8), Manfrotto tripod and a Glidetrack slider. I quickly learned to use the sparse equipment inventively, and even turned the Glidetrack into an improvised jib. I shot most of the movie in natural light - only the opening scene and a few flashback scenes have actual lighting. The film is very rough by modern standards, but I think a lot of the camerawork still holds up. The movie played at some domestic and foreign festivals back in 2013 and had a run at a local movie theatre, but after that I buried it because I wasn't happy with it. Recently I did some re-edits to tighten up the pace and now released the new version online. It's still not an easy movie to stomach, it's very slow and ponderous, but I think at the very least it serves as a reminder of what can be achieved with very little gear or resources.
  2. Hey guys, I'm a newbie but I promise this won't be my first and only post. I am an avid member of indietalk and figured I'd join the forum here to experience this side of the DSLR forum world. I shot this entirely on a 550D with a Tamron 10-22mm f/3.5 lens and a 40mm f/2.8 lens. This is my first production (written, directed, shot and edited), so I'd love some feedback about the image quality and story (and anything else that might be relevant). So without further adieu, here is: Solidarity vimeo.com/95930200
  3. Hey all! First post here. I fairly recently got into anamorphic shooting. Since a young age, I wanted to be able to recreate the anamorphic footage. I used to use the magic bullet filter and crop my footage which looking back was really quite horrible and stupid. I bought a sun anamorphic lens off ebay for relatively cheap and am so happy! I made  short little film earlier out in the sun. It's of nothing really, just testing out equipment. I think it gives of nice results, although I find it hard to keep focus. Hope to use it on a project at somepoint.   https://vimeo.com/69722698  
  4. https://vimeo.com/18743558   After completing a few fesitvals, we've made this short film public now. It was shot a couple of years ago all on 550D. That was before I used Magic Lantern, mosaic filter, knew half of what I do now!    We're still pretty happy with it now, though we're also confident of doing better on the next one.   It was also way before Black Mirror ;)
  5. Mosaic engineering have released VAF-TXi anti-aliasing / anti-moiré filter for Canon T2i (550D), T3i (600D), & T4i (650D). Designed to cut down aliasing, moire and false detail, resulting in a much better picture. http://store.mosaicengineering.com/VAF-TXi-Moire-Aliasing-Filter_p_14.html you can see Andrew's example of the version for 5D here:http://www.eoshd.com/content/7120/canon-5d-mark-ii-mosaic-engineering-vaf-5d2-anti-aliasing-filter-review I have mine on the way, I'll let y'all know how it works ;) JG
  6. The Zero FGilm festival celebrates low-budget and self funded film worldwide, with several international festivals. I have films both opening and closing the shorts programme here tomorrow in Brick Lane, London, which is a great honor. At 5pm my short film Ceramic (two films set to music, all shot using FS700 slow motion) is showing, then to close the night my short with Thom Haig, SoMe https://vimeo.com/21926626 will be playing. http://www.zerofilmfest.com/london It'll be a great chance to meet film makers, see some awesome work and drink mescal Hopefully see some of you there! I am always dressed like I am on this Twitter background if you want to say hi: http://www.twitter.com/jgharding JG x
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