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  1. Hey all, Just completed a new 3-minute film, winning the audience award for my second time in two years at the same festival. Let me know what you think. CHARGE
  2. Hi all, check out our newest short film "In Good Company" It's quite creepy! watch it here:
  3. Hey guys, just finished my reel for 2014, let me know what you think!
  4. Hey guys! Just completed editing on our horror film! This was shot in one evening at the local corn maze. We had a lot of fun shooting it and I think it's a fun watch. Check it out, leave feedback, and happy November!
  5. hey guys, can i get some feedback on my latest music video? this one was pretty spontaneous but i feel like the imagery and overall theme came out pretty solid. let me know what you think, please!
  6. Good stuff. I'd be interested to see how RAW does with camera movement (panning, tracking, steadicam, etc)
  7. Hey guys, I wanted to get some feedback on a music video I did a few months back...never really posted it anywhere so I haven't heard opinions on it yet. This was created for a 48hr film competition in which four directors and four musicians were invited to team up and each create a music video within 48hrs, start to finish. It was a total blast! Let me know what you guys think, feedback is greatly appreciated :)
  8. wow the image quality is remarkable! i imagine professional studio lighting played a part in that.
  9. looks good! i don't speak the language but that looks/sounds like they're "going hard" haha!
  10. This is seriously so amazingly good. Great great work, and not even just the image quality but the concept as well. I was sincerely interested the entire time.
  11. it was good! i was interested with the plot most of the time. i felt that it was a little too dark in some places; even if it was meant to be dark to convey the mood of the film, i couldn't really tell what was going on for a small portion of it. good job though!
  12. Hey guys, I'm a newbie but I promise this won't be my first and only post. I am an avid member of indietalk and figured I'd join the forum here to experience this side of the DSLR forum world. I shot this entirely on a 550D with a Tamron 10-22mm f/3.5 lens and a 40mm f/2.8 lens. This is my first production (written, directed, shot and edited), so I'd love some feedback about the image quality and story (and anything else that might be relevant). So without further adieu, here is: Solidarity vimeo.com/95930200
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