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  1. Also, if i'm not wrong, they don't really tell how the lut and grading was applied. For example, if they just plaster it over the image in Premiere with Lumetri, there may be some problems like those if the sequence isn't at "Maximum Bit Depth". That is even seen if you're using a native ProRes file, with a h264 file should be even worst. You can see the difference in a fast example i made with a 10bit prores v-log file from a GH4 (recorded with Ninja Assassin), left without "Maximum Bit Depth", right with "Maximum Bit Depth" active. p.s: I just applied the native "Alexa_Default_LogC2Rec709" from Lumetri
  2. Adding to all those specs, the GH5 would blow every other camera if it had a HDR mode in video at least in 25 and 30fps, in theory even the GH4 could be capable of that as it easily makes 50 and 60fps in 1080p. What could be sweet for creative work, besides selecting a different ISO for each "frame", selecting also the white balance for each High and Low ISO frame one would be awesome.
  3. JLemos

    a7S colors?

    The A7S is a achivement but when you grade it against F5 footage you end up finding that the footage from the A7S is much more stiff, the richness of colors isn't so good and you end up with many colors blending into others (you can see it with skin tones more easily). That's why i have serious doubts about the usefulness of a totally Flat profile in 8bit color space, in my opinion it narrows the colors you can have in a limited color space, they end up blending several color tones in only one because there isn't more space available.
  4. JLemos

    a7S colors?

    ​I have a good amount of experience grading SLog footage from a Sony F5 and i may say that the Slog from a A7S is just near it in terms of how it looks after recording, it's completely different how it reacts to grading comparing with a file from a F5, probably the 8bit and 10bit takes a big part in it. The A7S files are much harder to grade.
  5. That looks nice, i'm about to buy a Shogun and this was one of my concerns, I'm also concerned about the build quality that everyone talks about, i'm thinking about building a cage for it or finding one that fits.
  6. Aside from the anamorphic goodness... The camera shoots at 96fps, so there's many frames per second to spare, could it be hard to them to make an HDR mode like the one on Magic Lantern but with the final file made on camera? This would be great and a stand point over A7S.
  7. Just to let you with this music video i directed and shot with a GX7
  8. Hello Greg. Thanks. The stone is a old ashtray that my parents had since i remember, no one knew were it was but everybody remembered it, i ended finding it in a old closet :) The creative process in this was about not to think about a story in the beginning, thinking just in images, with time a storyline emerged made of several parts of that images. Researching for something takes you to other things that you can connect to it. There were several parts of what we shoot that didn't end in the final cut, many of them were the main part of the original idea that we ended seeing they didn't work from a technical point of view.
  9. Not much, just a set of 3 softbox lights from Linkstar wich are very cheap, close to 400€ for the 3 if i remember, a ring light http://www.amazon.co.uk/Walimex-Macro-Light-Bracket-Camera/dp/B002M3FGX4 like this one, a Meike FC100 Led Ring light like this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Meike-Macro-Flash-FC100-Nikon/dp/B005KJZGYQ and a Yongnuo YN300 http://cheesycam.com/yongnuo-yn-300-led-video-light/ I was amazed how the footage handled when i was doing post-production.
  10. We shot this music video with my Lumix GX7 after comparing the image quality with other Canon cameras that we had available. Samyang lenses were used with a EF adapter.
  11. Just speculating... I wouldn't be surprised if Sony charged for a "Low Light Firmware Update". Then, when the internal codec can't handle the low light they will sell you the external recorder, plus, you'll have to buy the decoding software so you can edit the footage. :)
  12. Not from UK but pre-ordered from UKDigital.co.uk No news also.
  13. Most people doing video work (that looks like film to them :) ) usually only have one lens beside the stock one, the cheaper 50mm from Canon, that's a safe lens, you can get easily good pictures without much work involved. With wider lens you have to be more careful, there's much more going on in the image, many people don't get it right easily, i think that this short is one good example, it was made in a hurry also. The light is mostly bad, the color grading… at some times looks like it came from a Canon DSLR, too much red tint, again made in a hurry maybe with bad reference monitors and maybe by inexperienced grader. The "actors" and editing… it's that kind of things that can work within a group of friends but you should't show it to everyone else. :) It's not the camera, it's how and what you do with it. Not so long ago we were putting lens adapters in front of our DVX100, HVX200, PD150 so it could have the "film look", without it it was a video camera that made videoish images. The film that Gareth Edwards made before the new "Godzilla" was shot with a Sony EX3 with a lens adapter http://nakedfilmmaking.com/2010/10/05/naked-monster-the-future-of-film/ I respect Nick Driftwood a lot but i think he got carried away with this hype around GH4 and with everyone trying to show new footage. My order is still awaiting for stock in Europe, i won't cancel it because of this.
  14. I have one of those i think, it's branded as Camdiox (german brand) http://camdiox.wix.com/camdiox for use with my GX7. I've used it filming part of a music video but i've been to much focused on the post production of that than doing proper tests. Altough i've noticed some things, there's a blue spot (faded) sometimes on the center on certain lighting conditions, i wasn't able to put the Canon 18-55mm on it, i was just trying the lens i had around, all of my Samyang (8mm, 14mm, 35mm, 85mm) work nice, all the others M42 and Pentax K work also nice with the EOS adapter atached to the Focal Reducer. The optics seem good but i have to check when the blue center spot thing happens. When i get the GH4 and when the Metabones Speedbooster is out i'll get one of those, but this one is fair for getting some things done while the original isn't out. Could also be used after on a secondary camera. I'll try to do some tests on the next days. This is where i bought it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Camdiox-Focal-Reducer-Speed-Booster-Canon-EOS-EF-mount-lens-to-Micro-4-3-Adapter-/251456982191?pt=UK_Photography_CameraLenses_Lens_caps_hoods_adaptors_ET&hash=item3a8c010caf
  15. What could be the resulting file converted to 2.5K? I think that in terms of size it could be of general interest, or at least of my general interest. :)
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