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  1. Where can I see the original version?
  2. I use my Tiffen variable ND filter all the time. So far so good.
  3. Maybe the features are withheld for the next version? Planned obsolescence could be a reason.
  4. Apple displays are too expensive. Dell have some nice high resolution monitors (not 4K). But I heard that some graphics professionals prefer NEC monitors. Those are expensive as well.
  5. Right. 15" rMBP is only 2880 x 1800.
  6. Raising Master Pedestal more than 10 is indeed a bit problematic.
  7. How fast is your SD card?
  8. Could you suggest a few such lenses? Do they have IS?
  9. You can. You just need a $2000 lens. :D
  10. varicam

    GH4 vs FZ1000

    Why not shoot the same scenes with both cameras at the same time?
  11. A new model coming out? This is an insane price.
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