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  1. Where can I see the original version?
  2. I use my Tiffen variable ND filter all the time. So far so good.
  3. Maybe the features are withheld for the next version? Planned obsolescence could be a reason.
  4. Apple displays are too expensive. Dell have some nice high resolution monitors (not 4K). But I heard that some graphics professionals prefer NEC monitors. Those are expensive as well.
  5. Right. 15" rMBP is only 2880 x 1800.
  6. Raising Master Pedestal more than 10 is indeed a bit problematic.
  7. How fast is your SD card?
  8. Could you suggest a few such lenses? Do they have IS?
  9. You can. You just need a $2000 lens. :D
  10. varicam

    GH4 vs FZ1000

    Why not shoot the same scenes with both cameras at the same time?
  11. A new model coming out? This is an insane price.
  12. I don't think I can shoot with my GH4 handheld without some sort of stabilisation.
  13. varicam

    GH4 vs FZ1000

    Why does the FZ1000 look so much darker and greener?
  14. Not that impressed.
  15. varicam

    GH4 Audio Buzz Fix

    What about people who don't live in the US? Cross border shipping is a pain.
  16. If the Sony could record for 90 minutes straight, it would be my first choice for archiving lectures and concerts. For now, the GH4 will do fine.
  17. Even if it was shot at 60p, I thought Vimeo would only show 30p max.
  18. Looks like the a7T will be a perfect camera. :)
  19. To my ears, it is too noisy. But then I did a lot of audio recording before I got into video. So I am very picky.
  20. How good is the OIS on the 35-100?
  21. Here are some shots with the Tiffen VND filter with G X Vario 12-35mm at f/3.2 ss 60 on the GH4 except the last shot which is without filter and in slow motion at 96fps. So you can see how the GH4 slow motion. It's indeed a bit soft.
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