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  1. proress from bmpcc is amazing!!!!! No problem when keying.....
  2. I think it should be the best option !!!!!!!!!! BMPCC is now @ 495$ only
  3. hi...freinds Anybody knows about Db vs Bmcc in image quality
  4. hi...guys.. I m indie filmmaker. And I have using canon 550d for my film. Its not good for color grading and chroma key so I want to buy another cam. please sugest me the best one . I m very enthusias of video quality and color. no concern about bettary and data store. l m thinking about Bmpcc or panasonic g6 or nikon d 5200 or ???
  5. hi guys, please give me an iedea to the cheap and best camera for my first green screen action film. I m new in this field. My buget is around 4k
  6. I want to know about bmpcc's moire and aliasing compare to other. Any problem on green scrren?
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