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  1. This is very helpful but still, even with the recommended cine-like-D-low-noise settings, I see lots of noise filming at ISO 200 in day light situations, over- or under exposed. I will contact my dealer know to send the camera for a service.
  2. Back to the Topic: I checked the test made by Brian Mulligan and tried out the "low-noise" Cine D settings. Still, I can see noise noise noise filming in ISO200. Not in the blacks but a lot of color noise. http://bkmeditor.wordpress.com/2014/07/16/panasonic-gh4-iso-noise-tests/ I think I will check out a local dealer and compare my camera to a camera in the store to have some certainty.
  3. Maybe it's not issue for the other GH4 owners. I know that the GH4 has noise issues and that it's totally ok for cameras in that price range. But I'm wondering if it's anyhow possible to eliminate noise when filming in ISO200. Just compared some footage I shot with my Canon 60D in ISO160 and comparing the FHD footage with the FHD footage from the GH4, the Canon 60D has less noise than the Panasonic. This it what grinds my gears.
  4. No I never owned the GH3 but from the GH4 I expected way less noise filming in ISO 200. Mmmhh....
  5. Thanks! I posted the settings to the Vimeo description. The clip was filmed with the following settings: Filmed in C4K 24p - Edited on a 1080 timeline Picture style neutral Master Pedestal = 0 i.Dynamic + i.Resolution = off Luminance Level = 16-235 Highlight Shadow = 0/0 Lens = Walimex 35 1.4 Even if NR set to "0" here, there is a little noise. I discovered the same issue filming in CineLike V - James Miller settings. Thanks!
  6. Hey there, I did a quick noise test with the GH4 and I'm really concerned about the bad noise behavior of this camera. Not sure if it's a general issue or if it's maybe my camera only. I'm really wondering as the camera has noise issues filming in ISO200 which I believe can't be correct so I assume my GH4 has a faulty sensor. This is the video: Thanks for your help. Best, Timo
  7. Amazing job Andrew, thanks for all the infos and comparisons. Looks like my next evolutionary step will be from a 60D to the GH4 instead of the 5D MKIII. For me picture quality wins against low light and performance. But who do I have to bribe to get this Metabones Speedbooster soon??? I would love to read something about the handling of the camera. I never used a GH. Does this show focus peak, histogram, zebras via the view finder as well so that you theoretically don't need a LCD view finder anymore? Cheers
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