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  1. Bringing a different look/colorful isn't a problem as an idea, and in a way this is what they probably were meaning to do. But did it have to look soapy/cheap and uncinematic, the image h made action feel completely weightless (bad editing didn't help), stupid blur effect also ruined it a bit.
  2. Just came back from the cinema. Film itself aside. What the hell, one of the ugliest uncinematic shot with a phone looking film I have seen in the cinema! Reminded me Hobbits (which looked actually good in 24p) 48fps experience, but this was 24frames and still looked like a cheap tv show. Usually when trailers don't look that great, the films end up looking good in cinemas but this somehow looked worse. Difference was staggering when there were shots from the old trilogy thrown in, why are the filmakers/Wachowski ok with this?
  3. Current times, GH5 Mark II release with little improvement is not at all surprising. As long as GH6 will be released eventually and MFT will not be abandoned, then it's all good in my book. MFT lens collection is incredible and new cameras surely will be made. Though they should have put GH5S sensor it it, might be that the sensor is too big for stabilization to work in MFT mount, but as the mount can house a super 35mm sensor, it's probably isn't the problem.
  4. MFT please! So I could use my MFT, PL and EF lenses. EF is boring and very limiting.
  5. This makes G9 very appealing but with all these improvements they should also remove recording time limit (30min in 25/30p, 10 min in 50/60p). And no 10bit in 24p?
  6. According to Metabones, Speedbooster XL doesn't work with EM1-II, anybody can confirm if E-M10 III is compatible with speedbooster XL?
  7. Anybody happen to know it the speedbooster XL fits the E-M10 Mark iii? Looking for a cheap m43 body, have to decide between this and Panasonic G80, but kinda want the Olympus more.
  8. Sirui is the best, got a carbon fiber version just recently. Got Manfrotto before, but immediately sent it back, fell over far too easily with those tiny legs. But really liked Manfrottos head, so it's a combination of the two. I'm sure Benro is nice as well.
  9. I'm not worthy, this thing is so amazing.
  10. Holy shit!!! This keeps getting better and better, the audio, the USB C, crazy for the money.
  11. Wow, the specs are huge for the money! I'd rather have 1" sensor, since I have loads of s16 lenses. Maybe there is s16 mode with no loss in iq. Nevertheless this cam will kick ass, if the image will deliver. I even like the looks, like something out of the Alien franchise.
  12. Hmmn, Mitakon looks interesting. Never realized they made lenses for the EF mount, iq looks decent as well. Altough for that money i'd rather get a Canon FD 85L. Just loaned a Helios 44-2 85mm F1.4, will so how that pans out.
  13. I'm looking for the best 85mm out there to use with speedbooster xl. Anybody has experience or know if the manual focus is usable on the Canon 85mm F1.2 l mark ii? The new Sigma 85mm is great, but the picture quality is a bit too clinical for my taste. Is the manual focus any better than the mark I version. Honestly i would rather get the FD version, but that won't fit on the EF mount without a conversion.
  14. I think it looks eerily similar to the new Ghost in the Shell film, very pretty indeed but too sterile and glossy. Doesn't feature the depth of the original, same thing with Alien: Covenant. The music on the first half is good (because it's a version of the original Vangelis soundtrack, though not as good), the rest of it sounds cheap imo, standard modern action trailer background music that has no place in BR universe. I thought they would go the extra mile with this, currently it does not look very promising.
  15. Anybody know when the camera will be finally available to buy in Europe and UK?
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