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  1. I single-handedly shot an entire narrative short film during the first lockdown, using the original BMPCC. The camera performed magnificently but I did have it fully rigged out. Shot using two SLR Magic primes - 10mm T2.1 and the 17mm T1.6. A one-person crew and one-mother cast, this is a film featuring my poor mum, who’s never acted, and a very, very unlikely hero… Jean-Luc Godard once said “All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.” My mum doesn’t speak very good English, so I had to do without dialogue. I didn’t have a gun so we had to do without that too. We couldn’t leave the house, so I shot it all there. And I had no crew to help me, so I did everything myself. If anyone has any feedback or questions I'm always happy to hear! https://youtu.be/SBwje8EDl84
  2. Well hello there EOSHD forum readers, I've just posted my short film, Axiomatic, to Vimeo. Shot with an older version of the 5D3 Raw hack without the audio component - remember when we had to reload the Raw modules each time after restarting the camera? Ah well...it still worked flawlessly and I cannot thank all the ML developers enough for what they unlocked. 5D3 raw is simply amazing. Spanish, French and English subtitles are available for whomever needs them and viewer discretion may be advised as there is brief nudity, violence and coarse language. However I tried to make everything as tasteful as possible. Hopefully you can take some time out of your busy day to view it and please feel free to share it with any of your friends or contacts that might enjoy some dark Canadian cinema. Kelly http://filmshortage.com/dailyshortpicks/axiomatic/
  3. Hi there, I just uploaded the final teaser trailer to my short film based on the Australian novelist Greg Egan short story of the same name: Axiomatic teaser_3 Thanks to @mercer for his suggestions on the edit for it. I've love any forum readers and indie film fans to check it out and let me know what they think. The full short will premier online next week so stay tuned if you'd like to know more.
  4. Hello! I've referenced this website for trouble-shooting as any other lurker for the last few years, but finally set up an account and logged in recently. Figured I'd introduce myself and start joining the conversations, starting with posting my first camera reel. Except for shooting speaker events and conferences, all footage was shot exclusively with my Sony PMW-F3, and much of that was recorded via my Convergent Design Gemini 444 with S-Log. For this project, I did the colour in Premiere CC's Lumetri Panel, using Tangent's Element-Vs app for fine-tuning. (for more detailed work, I often print in Resolve free). The conferences are typically the resulting file from live-editing jobs, where we record with Canon XA30s into a Roland V-1HD and recorded on an Atomos recorder. We're still waiting on our automated pan/tilt heads before we can kick that business into high gear.
  5. Hey guys, just finished my reel for 2014, let me know what you think!
  6. HUNTER shot on BMCC 2,5K edited on FCPX, Resolve and AE Directed, Shot & Edited by Marc Linnhoff Music by Broad Rush Label : Dub All Or Nothing With : Clarisse Hagenmuller, Denis Jelly, Pierre Riff, Joffrey Schmidt, Sandrine Pirès, Marine Gardeux, Sylvain Clauser Routier, Anne Sophie Gole, Jonathan Lagrave Sponsored by Frank Linnhoff DP : Dom Pichard aka P-mod p-mod.com DP Assistant : Ludovic Haas Camera Assistant : Vladimir Lutz lutzvladimir.fr Make-Up & Hair : Anne-Ka Lejeal, Sophie Renier, Elsa Parmentier Costume : Adèle Wucher Barbecue Spit made by Christophe Fruh Skull made by Jean Linnhoff jeanlinnhoff.com Special thanks to Brigitte Desforges, Kevin Linnhoff, Frank Linnhoff, Jean-Marie Hagenmuller, Elodie Heitz aka Mnémo, Jacques Roth, Bouna, Jo, Delphine Lagrave, Famille Lejeal, Ross Middleton, La Clairière - Longemer Backstage photos by P-mod : flickr.com/photos/p-mod/sets/72157646215719879/
  7. Y'all know what Darias Khondji and Dean Cundey, Kovaks, Carpenter, Storaro, Toland, Conrad Hall, Harris Savides and pretty much anyone you can think of and dozens you can't, guys who shoot great looking stuff on purpose, not by accident, not because they got lucky but by design and through their own effort and expertise, either for the selfish benefit of the image itself or in service to the story, you know what they did so that they could do that stuff when it count, when they were getting paid to do what they did, when dozens if not hundreds of people were depending on them, waiting on them, when possibly millions of dollars were on the line or potentially rendered forfeit, you know what they were doing so that they could do what they did?   They were shooting tests.   Every camera.  Every lens.  Thoroughly.  They didn't waste other people's times learning what they could and couldn't do under a variety of common or unique circumstances on-the-clock.  They're smart enough to realize the occasional "happy accident" of a flare or focus pull or color combination or Golden Triangle configuration that just happend to occur at just the right time such that a most amazingly emotional chord is struck when the image is viewed by most humans is great but discovering that that last take, the one where the set/car/character/town is destroyed by fire, the giant monster is blown up, the command shuttle breaks apart the rented helicopter is finally, perfectly aligned with the setting sun to create a perfect silhouette through rippling heat refraction in some exotic locale on their last day of access or visa or the last raw nerve of some local potentate or executive producer isn't wasted because they didn't know WTF they were doing and just hoping for the best.     They weren't satisfied knowing the stuff they were using was expensive, or from a well known pedigree, or supposedly crafted by Santa Claus's most talented, clever elves, or promised in some way to never fuck up, under any circumstance, with any other combination of previous, contemporary or future widgets made by Satan Claus or the Easter Bunny or Baby Jesus.  They had to know.  So they could do it.  On purpose.  On demand.  Repeatedly.    They shot tests.   What they likely didn't do, for all sorts of reasons, is share these tests with the world, in a public venue, so that others at, below or above their stature and experience could comment on, learn from, share, ridicule or improve upon.  (this last bit was my maybe cryptic way of saying we should be lucky we're in a community where ideas and techniques are shared openly and not hoarded.  I'm not saying "stop posting tests" and non-narrative videos)   edit: TLDR version -- y'all stop marginalizing folks posting test videos because that's how you familiarize yourself with your gear enough to be useful to yourself and anyone else.  It's what the  name brand pros do so snarky comments about yet-another-boring-test-video are really just ignorant.
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