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  1. Hi guys, i shot another videoclip using my old mark ii and some extra footage with a BMPC. I used volumetric projection and rod puppetry for some of the fx. Hope you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZNOzjF-yW4&feature=share
  2. Anybody else notice that the body of this camera looks alot like the Ikonoskop A-cam? '>
  3. we had a transparent filter for some closer shots, but opted to mostly use longer lenses to be safe from the carnage :)
  4. Thanks for the kind words! It was quite a production. We basically had almost no budget, but managed to get the camera and lenses for free with the promise to shoot cool footage (also normal speed 25fps, as they want to promote the flex 4k as a great A-cam solution).
  5. Hey guys, just wanted to share this with you. We shot a music video using the new Phantom Flex 4K camera and it was awesome. We were surprised at how easy the camera was to operate. It felt like an ALEXA. Although the shots we did at 1000FPS seem to have lost some dynamic range and were extremely contrast heavy (even in LOG colors), the camera is still amazing, just to shoot 1000fps at 4K. You can see the video here: Fun fact is that you can also shoot normal 25FPS footage with the new Flex, which is nice. We used a great set of COOKE S4's as lenses. Curious what you guys think. Greetings
  6. Is it all original footage? Or is there stock footage in there aswell?
  7. I think so, because I used a SMALL HD monitor. The cropmarks were completely screwed up, but i just disabled the liveview overlays and put some masking tape on the smallhd and it was good to go
  8. I actually like the epic, if it decides to work. We've ordered an Alexa XT, but it hasn't arrived yet. For the size of this project (moderately small), the 5D RAW was perfect. I think we even got twice the amount of footage we could have gotten than with a epic/alexa situation. Also, because the 5D is so great in low light, using the Arri HMI's resulted in shooting at diaf. 2.8-4 at iso 100. All in all, complaining about 5D RAW is probably one of the most ungrateful things you can do imho.
  9. Hi, just wanted to share this with you guys in case you were interested. I did a paid gig for a band and used a mark ii and mark iii with RAW during the entire shoot because our EPIC was acting up. I was extremely pleased with what came out of the camera. See for yourself: For gear, we used the mark ii for the "science" stuff, because the moire and alialising wouldn't be a problem in those scenes. The 60's living room and greenhouse were shot with the mark iii. For light we had 3 kineflows for the science stuff and used an M18 and M8 HMI light for the other stuff. Lenses were the great Samyang 35 & 85 and a Canon 50 1.2 for the in between shots. I didn't have trouble getting the width I needed because of the full frame factor. Fun fact: all the space scenes were filmed oldschool Douglas Trumbull style using glass, liquids and GLITTER. Hope you enjoy it. I'm definitely shooting ML RAW again, we had absolutely zero problems.
  10. And don't forget the fact that you can upgrade a pc to your liking for years to come much easier than the new mac pro's
  11. Funny story, I actually went from hybrid to full frame recently. I sold my GH2 to get a 5D mkII and am using the RAW hack for video. I'm glad I did. crop sensors just were not my thing. Maybe, in some world, using both can bring good results? I understand we're not all millionairs, but having a 5D with full frame glass is far from a bad investment for photography and you can use your fullframe glass on your cropsensor camera. GH4...let's just wait a bit. The footage i have seen so far is far from anything groundbreaking. I still prefer the RAW look of full frame 5D than BMCC, even though it in theory has more dynamic range. But hey... OPINIONS
  12. Did anybody think that it has nothing to do with the fact that you are shooting in a public space, but more with the fact that you are shooting the people themselves? I live in Belgium, and what I usually do, is walk up to the people and ask if they mind if i shoot some test video etc... they usually don't mind. But if i start filming paparazzi style without their consent... I dunno, I guess that isn't really cool. I mean, if I go shopping or take a strol in the park, I also would mind if someone was constantly filming me without me knowing... Kinda creepy if I think about it. Filming in a public space= fine Filming people without them knowing in a public space= stalkerism = not cool
  13. If you're on a budget, you really really really can't go wrong with the Rokinon/Samyang lenses. They sell nice cinekits with a nice case for cheaper. I got the 14/35/85 set. I've worked with everything from all priceranges CP2's, Cooke 4S's, Zeiss Ultra Primes, Red Primes, Hawk C-series anamorphics, Elite Anamorphics, Zeiss Super Speeds, ... The Rokinons are just perfect for soms do it yourself/ low budget stuff. I wouldn't dare to take these lenses on a big budget set, but then there should be money for quality lenses. My experience says the rokinon's are more on par with the CP2/Red Prime lenses, but even these cost ten times more than the rokinons.
  14. What I find remarkable, is that such care was put into the image/sound design, and then, for music, they use Stock Imovie orchestra strings? Some one probably got fired for that one...
  15. What's with the insane, almost creepy amout of sharpening?
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