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  1. Hello! I've finished this music video and I wanted to share it with you all. Shot mostly on the BMCC (Sony FS700 for the slow mo and some GoProHD Hero 3). Edited in FCP 7. CC with Magic Bullet Colorista and Cinegrain.
  2. I agree... but I won't go the Af100 way.. sadly unless the release something cool for it.
  3. Many people have been pushing me there... and ye I'm considering it.    
  4. Thank you everyone for your responses. Suru: thank you for taking the time. First I won't rage on you... I don't hold any nationalistic pride on any camera so no worries. 1)my thing about the Ikonoskop that I adore is no rolling shutter issues. Yes it is a cinema camera... but it will be like shooting the rest of my doc in Super 16 which I would love that... The WB issues have been resolved   Cinema, Video... a camera is a camera. You can adapt to their short comings and their awesome features.    2)I agree with the Panasonic. It is a nice little camera... but like&nb
  5. I have been struggling with this for a long time.  Looking for a camera for the last shooting phase of my 9 year old run documentary "Art Officially Favored"   What I want is the following:   I want to create highly cinematic scenes ( with the help of lighting of course be it natural or artificial) = quality To be able to run and shoot for some guerrilla scenes= stable Very little to no rolling shutter, specially useful in those guerilla moments   I love to handheld my cameras. I've been using a 5d mark 2 for a long time and I hate the rolling shutter ( plus the mo
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