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  1. Hello! I've finished this music video and I wanted to share it with you all. Shot mostly on the BMCC (Sony FS700 for the slow mo and some GoProHD Hero 3). Edited in FCP 7. CC with Magic Bullet Colorista and Cinegrain.
  2. I agree... but I won't go the Af100 way.. sadly unless the release something cool for it.
  3. Many people have been pushing me there... and ye I'm considering it.    
  4. Thank you everyone for your responses. Suru: thank you for taking the time. First I won't rage on you... I don't hold any nationalistic pride on any camera so no worries. 1)my thing about the Ikonoskop that I adore is no rolling shutter issues. Yes it is a cinema camera... but it will be like shooting the rest of my doc in Super 16 which I would love that... The WB issues have been resolved   Cinema, Video... a camera is a camera. You can adapt to their short comings and their awesome features.    2)I agree with the Panasonic. It is a nice little camera... but like you said better things are out there.   3)I'm not going with Red. The Ikonoskop is way better.   4) The sony fs700 sound good as well as the F35    5) As much as  wanted this camera... I can't really use it. BMCC is a good concept... not yet there.
  5. I have been struggling with this for a long time.  Looking for a camera for the last shooting phase of my 9 year old run documentary "Art Officially Favored"   What I want is the following:   I want to create highly cinematic scenes ( with the help of lighting of course be it natural or artificial) = quality To be able to run and shoot for some guerrilla scenes= stable Very little to no rolling shutter, specially useful in those guerilla moments   I love to handheld my cameras. I've been using a 5d mark 2 for a long time and I hate the rolling shutter ( plus the moire and anti-ailising) but overall a "cute" camera to get plenty done. I want to step it up.   Interchangeable lenses: I would love to use any kind of glass. My father is a photo-technician. I have access to all kind of glass... from all kind of times. (the dirtier the better) all kind of formats... we have had some really cool results with anything from the 1910's to the 60s.   Also I love in camera tricks.... low shutter speeds and different frame rates.... (where is the fun!?)   Sound: I have also the chance of a recorder... but why not getting something that is already part of the pack.   I'm intending on getting a Blackmagic  HyperDeck Shuttle if needed.   Some of my my choices are the following ( please forgive me if these might sound a bit to random)   BlackMagic Camera: I know... to new, to random.. yet isn't that the spirit of cinema. I know the price is 3k. I'm willing to put up the rest on  the accessories...   Panasonic AG-AF100A: Looks good as a doc camera but I'm afraid of  rolling shutter and a camera that seems to be old tech.   Sony FS700: Don't trust Sony tech but that might be an old juju of mine. This seems like a workable camera. Love the 4k possible upgrade. Like I said I feel this is the direction I want to go... where tech gets better (of course with limitations)   Sony FS100: Same as up there... not 4k though, not slow mo   Now to the crazy things   Red One: they are on sale, they are big and robust but 4.5k with a build fan base and plenty of parts and room to grow.   Ikonoskop A-Cam dii: this camera is weird, new... and so hot. I love this camera.... cons... price and their workflow. Can we make it happen... yes. But is it the best? Love the idea of being able to use any Super 16mm glass.   My goal is to get a camera to finish this project but also to have a piece of gear that I could carry the edge to use in the next couple of projects.   I would appreciate any kind of help and constructive opinions.     Thanks Again. ps: I have posted this in several forums. My intention is to get as many opinions as possible that could really help me. no spamming. Thanks
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