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  1. I've had it for 2 weeks now and just wrapped my first paid gig with it. This is definitely not an A-cam. It overheats very quickly in 4k. I used it in 90 degree weather for about 20 minutes and got a heat warning. I tried to keep recording and ended up getting black/corrupted frames. The cam also reverted my memory card to "read only", requiring me to re-format it once I had dumped the footage. The 4k rolling shutter is so bad that it ruins my attempts at post-stabilizing 4k footage because it warps the image too badly. And there's no IBIS so good luck with Rokinon primes. Regarding the lowlight image, I disagree with Andrew's endorsement; I find the in-camera noise reduction artificial-looking. It creates blocky patches that resemble MPEG compression artifacts. But I still want to use the a6300 for a few reasons. First, it's small. I can easily mount it on a small gimbal. Second, autofocus. It's really good. Maybe not as good as Canon, but it can track a moving face in all but the dimmest of light or heaviest backlight. The AF is ultimately very usable, especially on a gimbal. Third, it's relatively cheap and (theoretically) weather-sealed. Which means I don't feel as scared doing dangerous stuff with it. Finally, it uses APS-C lenses, which means it stays small even with lens attached. You can put the cheapo 16mm pancake on it and it's almost pocket-sized. So while I wish Sony would fix the glaring issues with this cam, I'm gonna keep using it for a few months in anticipation of something better.
  2. Yeah I think the FS5 would be an addition to the A7sii, not a replacement. So maybe my kit bag would have both cameras and a bunch of FE glass. When I'm filming action/daytime/slow-mo I use FS5. For ultra-shallow DOF/lowlight/gimbal work, a7sii (or a7rii).
  3. Low light test. FS5 nowhere near as good as a7sii. https://vimeo.com/148669030
  4. Autumn Leaves Creative Style -3 Contrast, 0 Saturation, -3 Sharpness Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 Rokinon 14mm T3.1 Cine Metabones EF-E Adapter mkIV Edited in FCP X
  5. Love the colors of the interior portions - the blue wall against the flesh tones looks great.
  6. -3 contrast, 0 saturation, -3 sharpness I also use Dynamic Range Optimization (DRO) level 4
  7. Thanks, Autumn Leaves is a creative style. It's available if you go to PP OFF mode (picture profile off). I found it to be the punchiest with the warmest colors, and the DR is still good enough for me. Everything shot handheld.
  8. Shot in my spare time during a commercial gig. Autumn Leaves creative style, -3,0,-3. Edited in FCP X with Impulz LUTs
  9. That was some weird shit. I liked it.
  10. Eye candy from the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall. Shot on Sony A7s in Autumn Leaves creative style (-3,0,-3) and then processed with Impulz LUTs in FCP X
  11. Hey guys, I threw a sample video together for you... pass: jockjams It's a compilation of some paid work I've done with the A7s. I'm really against shooting s-log2 with this camera. I've never been able to get anything but weird results from it. Maybe I'm just not a good enough colorist, but I haven't seen many other people get good color from it, either. My current favorite shooting mode is the creative style Autumn Leaves with contrast -3, sat 0, sharpness -3. I set wb manually to compensate for a7s's tint problems. Then I grade in FCP X.
  12. A few shots from Abu Dhabi. I really like the way this camera handles nighttime and sunset shots, but I'm having trouble getting satisfying colors in daylight. Would appreciate any feedback: Graded in FCP X with native CC tool, Pixel Studios ProHDR, and Impulz LUTs
  13. Great work. Not pretentious or touristy at all, and I love the way you integrated just a few timelapses/hyperlapses.
  14. Cool I'll try to get that up in the next couple days. Gotta travel overseas today but I'd like to see what you all can do with the grading.
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